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Posted 12/13/12 , edited 12/13/12
So yeah I just went and made a topic ^.^
Hello weirdos and socially awkward people's, all alike..
Unsure how to introduce yourself? Well then you came to the right topic..
Start by..
1) your name ^.^ or what you want to be called by.
2) how you are like .. You can be brief about this if you want ^.^
3) be creative and add your own spazz to your introductions
Okay thank you ^.^ and welcome to weirdos unite. :)

My intro;
1) my name is naruu.
2) I am neither male or female, my favorite color is seafoam green or any shade of green. My days consist of school homework cleaning cooking and well crunchy roll/anime lol ^.^. I'm one of those people you can find at comicons, anime expos. Usually you don't see me as me but as someone else . I make my own cosplay outfits. I'm 5'6 yes I'm short :/ but it's okays. I still love myself ^.^.
3)I don't know what I ment by your own spazz lool w.e ^.^ it gets somewhere make it like all awesome and stuff like idk <- makes no sense what so ever just ignore this lol ^.^

I'm naru thank you for reading , and I look forward to getting to know you all

~~~~~ I'm 9 years old ~~~~~~
~~~~~I'm good with giving advices and listening~~~~
~~~ I think my 4thgrade teacher is....~~~
~~~ I suck at singing~~~
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