Dust 514
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Posted 12/14/12 , edited 12/14/12
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw0gOjOWDuI

So, Eve Dust 514 is currently a closed beta game on the Playstation 3 (which I will leave information on how to access it at the bottom of the post.) It's a multiplier TDM/Objective type game that takes place in space, to be more exact, the Eve Online universe where you pick your load out and try to own the other team at whatever type of game mode it is. There are a few aspects I wanted to touch on such as gear, skill points, and vehicles.

Skill Points: Skill points are earned by doing battles and as well, just being in the game. Obviously doing battles will get you more. Skill points obviously increase your skill in whatever you choose; this could range anywhere from beefing up your hand-held weapons which can get very specific, to how good you are on turrets or even how good your vehicles are. The other side of things is they actually can be spent in certain tiers of gear giving you access to better weapons in whichever specific category you choose.

Currency: The main thing in the game is ISK. This can be used on multiple things such as vehicles, weapons, or helping you to skill up with Skill Points as well. The other is AUR, which you use actual real money (RM) to buy. However, you can play the game just fine without AUR, and the end tier gear usually seems to be ISK anyways.

Gear: This will be very strange to most people at first, but most guns in the game are NOT permanent. In fact, you usually you stock up on guns, dropsuits, damage/weapon/defense modules and addons to your dropsuits as you go. There are permanent ones however most the time the ones you have to stock are substantially better. This also goes for vehicles, all but one is not permanent. This can be a headache at first, but once you get the hang of it, it actually works quite well and is a lot of fun.

Gear modules/addons: You can edit your dropsuit to help you in certain aspects. As well as your vehicle fitting. This will give you the ability to add on things for defense or offense. Or maybe even something like increasing the CPU/PG of your suit (making your suit be able to hold more) or increasing your hack time on bases. For vehicles it's the same kind of aspect.

Vehicles: This consists of two types; Land and Air. Which both have sub-sections of Light, Medium, and Heavy. The ground vehicles consist of Trucks with turrets, cars to get you from A to B, or a Tank for getting up in peoples business with a more explosive style. For air, you have your dropships. In other words, epic looking space crafts to fly around the map with turrets and transport.

Access to Beta: http://www.dust514.com/beta/ This should give you information as well as a link to register. Usually it takes a month or so to get going, but once you do it is totally worth it, and easy to sign up.
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Man played it and its great !!
I find it extremely hard for people who haven't play MMO.
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
its battlefield in space :3 cool

I've played it a bit, but the only reason i really play is when i'm having a losing streak in Black ops 2 >_>
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Posted 1/31/13 , edited 1/31/13
It seems really cool but I got confused with the interface and all the stuff you can do before even starting a battle. That, and I think I was the only dumbass on the battlefield still trying to figure out the controls and weapons so I kinda just quit and haven't tried it again.

I'm pretty good at dropping grenades, or some sort of explosive device that I'm carrying, less than two feet in front of me though.
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Dust got some nerve but i will like to play LAST OF US most
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it looks like they are planning to release it fully hen the ps4 comes out. idk that's what it looks like to me judging from how big the game is
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Posted 2/14/13 , edited 2/14/13
it's a pretty sic game generally. Though the community in my opinion leaves a lot wanting. (when it comes to some of their people on their boards it can get very vicious with new players) but over all, the game itself is awesome. Some things seem...old graphic wise, but it's still beta so yah. I would recommend the game, but i think people should gauge how much it takes them before they rage quit haha
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Posted 10/1/13 , edited 10/1/13
It's literally been over a half a year, plus 2 months since this was last posted in. Feel free to recreate if you so desire. Closed due to inactivity.
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