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Should Gundam return to the U.C era or continue on with animators inventing their own Gundam universes?
Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/21/13
I'd prefer to see different universes/timelines. But if Bandai decides to do another UC-related show, then make it something at least waaaaay into the future so that the sense of nostalgia isn't as strong.
But looking at the dismal sales of Gundam AGE, I don't think Bandai will greenlight any "too-radical" material anytime soon.
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Posted 1/21/13 , edited 1/21/13
Personally, I love the UC timeline, and I would love to see it even more fleshed out. With all the anime and manga detailing the aspects of that universe, it feels the most like a living, breathing world. Not to mention, it was the most realistic and unforgiving, allowing everything from scientifically conceptualizing mobile suits and technology to following war more accurately, without necessarily playing favorites (say what you want about Amuro, but in the original novel he gets killed off halfway through the 0079 struggle and, through a turn of events, is replaced by Char...before he ultimately betrays white base for his own agenda). I would love to see new shows based off some of the manga/light novel side-stories, especially around Zeta's time period like Ecole du Ciel or Advance of Zeta: Flag of the Titans, or even further into the future like Crossbone or the UC 200's like the (non-canon) side story Gaia Gear. Also, there's quite a lot of room to work with as far as creating original series within the time periods between Unicorn and F91, as well as Crossbone and Victory.

All that being said, I'd also like to see some new Gundam series, as well as continuations of current ones (still waiting on news about the post-Seed Destiny movie Sunrise announced years ago and left in limbo...). I finally finished AGE and while it wasn't anything to brag about, I didn't hate it, and the last few episodes I dare say packed quite a punch. If they do anything on 00, stories prior to modern celestial being would be nice, as well as a post story to overwrite that nightmare of a movie they called Awakening of a Trailblaizer.
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Posted 6/21/13 , edited 6/21/13
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