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Pros and cons of being male or female?
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
I don't get period pains and i usually lose only a tiny amount of blood, i can even exercise when i'm on my period lol i feel sorry for you other girls hahahaha

A con to being a woman is all the gossiping even though guys do it too, it seems to be in the woman to gossip endlessly.

A con to being a guy is probably the burden to prove themselves... e.g. all my step-brothers had to move out by the time they hit 20 coz people will think of them leaser than men if they stayed in the house which sucks.

Everything else is not that big of a deal, women who do make it in life are sometimes bunched with the men lol sad to see even though they are bosses who also have kids to take care of.

They probably work harder than men to keep their job.

My mom says women are usually not nice to other women and don't help their fellow gender.

Women are the biggest consumers which is a pro

Don't know much about men tbh but i doubt we are so different

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25 / F / ireland
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
I remember reading somewhere that the whole 'women and children first' thing was only ever used in 2 sea disasters and that more women died then men during such events most of the time as women just got trampled. Hardly much of a pro.

Periods obviously and getting caught with no tablets or sanitary towels
Pain and complications of pregnancy and childbirth, 'leaving it too long', controversy if you opt for abortion
If you ever do something, you'll be seen by men as the marker for all women:eg 'wow, you are shit at math so all girls must be shit at math'
Women in films,anime games and TV shows usually only serve to further male characters or are resigned to cliche roles, so it's hard to find anyone decent to relate too, unlike men who get a huge selection.
Having to be on your guard when alone anywhere, and if anything does happen 'why was she out alone?' as if we have escort guards 24/7 that we declined to use or 'what was she wearing'?
Less physical strength.
Much more emphasis on physical appearance. If you do happen to be pretty people will probably think your stupid.
Virgin/whore attitudes to your sex life.
You may not be an active agent of war but if your country is invaded or loses you will be the ones who will probably gangraped and murdered by invading soldiers.
Stalkers who aren't taken seriously by the police.
Being around boys who think rape jokes are 'just a bit of banter' and you being told you have no sense of humour if you call them out on their shit.
Being given dolls and shit like that as a child because they are 'girls toys'
Being expected to have make-up on all the time, even though its expensive and time-consuming to put on.
Expected to be more talkative
Can hold less alcohol
Peeing is a bigger pain in the ass.

Not expected to make the first move when dating
More clothing styles to wear.
More acceptable to be a fan of female artists without people thinking your gay
If your pretty you may be able to gte into a club for free (not much since the recession though) and bouncers aren't as mean towards you.

I can't think of anymore positives.

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28 / F / Rapture
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
^you mentioned so many good cons

- less likely to get a ticket if pulled over
- you can give random people compliments and they don't think you're being creepy
- a wider range of fashion choices
- getting in for free in some clubs and bars (for others there is usually one night that it's free)

-2/3 women in America will be sexually assaulted in their life
- we are told that beauty looks a certain way and are expected to fit the cookiecutter
- stereotypes are hard to break
- everyone assumes you are emotionally unstable and only after money/power
-some women have horrendous menstruation cycles
- looked down on for things men are praised for
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41 / M / Charleston, SC
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
For the Men >>>

For the Women>>>
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33 / M / england
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
cons of being a guy for myself are:
-being expected to make the first move
-because most men are lying bastards you can easily get grouped with them
-being hairy

The pros for me are:
-being strong
-not having periods or having to give birth

those pros and cons are based on just my own feelings about being a guy.

cons I've noticed for women are:
-periods and birth
-have to be scared to walk alone at night
-most guys only see them as sexual objects
-generally treated as the lesser sex by society example less pay etc...

pros are:
-they are the better looking sex
-they can use sex appeal to their advantage
-they have a lot more elegance and grace

obviously everyone is individual but these are things that I've noticed more often than not and ?I've left out other things because it depends on your perspective whether they are pros or cons
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F / Michigan
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
To the girls who list "expected to look a certain way by society". Guys have the same problem. Just look at any mens magazine or the cover of any magazine where some buff dude is half naked. That's the expectation of what men are supposed to look like in society.

I like seeing strong female characters in entertainment that aren't there to be eye-candy and aid the male protagonist.

Oh and the women and children first thing: I think possibly it was due more to the whole men are supposed to be macho BS. Youre supposed to stoically accept your fate and go down with the ship to save room for the women on the life boats. In part also possibly because women are seen as care-givers and so they are needed to take care of the children more than guys are.
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
will point out more men are sexually asutled than females just men have keep a hard manly side and don't admit to it buts been proven in the uk more men are sexuality raped asulted and gang raped
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
Males - We got balls
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36 / M / So Cal
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
Men Pro: We have a penis.
Men Con: We have testicles in an awkward location.

Women Pro: They have boobs.
Women Con: They have mouths. KIDDING! It's a joke, don't flame me please.
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25 / M / Demacia
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12

Catz1297 wrote:

- have no muscle mass = no love life
- have to be tall
- chivalry - would be annoying to keep up
- have to take the initiative when asking a girl out/ to marry him
- has to pay for dates
- random stiffness = embarrassment?
- fight with fists = physical pain

girl, you understand pretty well men...
- have to take the initiative when asking a girl out/ to marry him
- fight with fists = physical pain

this 2 i think are the biggest con lol
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Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
Fist fights = physical harm.

Verbal fights = psychological harm.

If you get injured, you will heal over time. Even if your leg gets cut off, it can be amputated. Psychological harm though, there's no escaping the scars in your mind.

'nuff said.
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27 / M / USA
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12

Don't tend to get hit on by random people (that'd be annoying)
Parents less protective of you
Can get fat and eat ridiculously greasy food and no one cares
Facial Hair (beards and sideburns are awesome)
People assume you're independent and won't keep on bothering you with "do you need help with that?"
Same gender as Johnny Yong Bosch
Don't have to listen to dumb pickup lines

People assume you're a male whore (All you think about is sex, right?)
People think your sexist/racist
Can never be around children unless their yours
Can't display emotions without everyone thinking you're gay
Have to initiate conversations/relationships with girls
Having to deal with any/all girls that you are around for any period of time boyfriend's jealousy (We're coworkers, I'm not 'stealing' your girl)
Girls blame you for everything
Small wardrobe... otherwise you must be gay
Can't use 'beauty products', otherwise you're gay (no straightners, skin cleaners, any form of body hair removal tool besides shaver, etc)
Can't be weird, otherwise your gay
Having to always "do the right thing" and just roll over and play dead
Society portrays you as the source of evil
(many) Girls want you to do everything for them to 'earn' their love
Get raped/killed more often
If you have an odd ratio of female-to-male friends... you're gay
More is expected from you
Your gay
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25 / M
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
Pros: many good points have been made above.

Cons: Getting hit in the crotch is a "total system reboot", and in my experience, some women doubt that it really hurts that badly when you tell them.
Even when you try to be chivilaristic, women can look down on you. Ive had occurrences where I hold the door for a woman and she calls me something like a "sexist pig." What is up with that? I was just being nice!

Similarities: We both need to be wary when walking alone at night. And I live in Richmond, CA, and I take public transit since my car was stolen.

There are more of all of those categories, but I dont feel like thinking harder on the topic.
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F / Michigan
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
If a girl ever calls you a sexist pig for holding the door for her, next time make sure the door closes in her face. I can almost guarantee you that she will bitch because you didn't hold it open.
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25 / F / Canada
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
Con of being a girl: There are some places I can't travel to alone safely. I know there are places you can't travel to. period. (no pun intended) But there are places where it's a lot safer to visit if you're a guy (and you'll be respected and taken seriously if you're a guy).

Con of being a guy: I can't really speak to this since I'm a girl (guys help me out here!) but I have noticed that there's a lot of pressure for a guy to act a certain way (like not show weakness, never cry, stand up for himself, never depend on anyone else, not be too sensitive or compassionate etc...) and I would imagine that would be rather restricting. I'd imagine you couldn't express yourself fully, because guys who act like that are called "gay" even if they're not. In contrast, "masculine" girls (who like sports, are very strong, don't show weakness etc...) are simply called "tomboys" and there's rarely a negative connotation associated with it. If a boy cracks under pressure and has a complete meltdown, he will be told to "man up" and face his problem, but if a girl breaks down like that, she will experience a flood of sympathy and support. And as far as I know, "lesbian" has never been used as an insult against a girl the way "gay" has been used as an insult against a guy... Of course, this is from a girl's perspective, so feel free to contradict me. And this is also from a North American perspective... I'm sure different countries have different social expectations.
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