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Do Celebs have time for Religion
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Posted 1/23/08 , edited 1/24/08
I wouldn't care much for celebs either if it means giving up God. I have to close this, because this thread is going to get dissected. This forum isn't condusive for discussing religious issues. Judging by the 'think i'm smarter than thou' posts.

In the very secular world today, it's very difficult to imagine celebs holding a firm religious stand, that is not purely a manipulative tactic to woo the media, or just stirring up controversies. Religions have long been made use of as a political tool to gain support and favour, and it's disgusting, because their ultimate focus in on themselves. In the entertainment industry, people are being marketed.

They go through phases in life whereby they become the idols of people, in worldly and non-religious sense, but the managers of these artistes are out for profit. Even if the celeb is a firm believer in some religion, their company can make use of that to their advantage.
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