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•Quick summaries•
Shugo Chara - Every one has a hearts egg, it is their would be selfs. Hinamori Amu, the main character of this story struggles with her inner self and can't decide who she wants to be. With the help of her friends can she figure it out before it's too late?

Bleach - With the sudden change of events, normal high schooler, Kurosaki Ichigo, becomes a soul reaper. He struggles to understand this new world while he learns more about the 'Soul society'.

Say 'I Love You' - Tachibana Mei, the dark gril that no one seems to understand. She avoids making contact with people but can't seem to avoid this one boy in her class. He persists to get her to hang out with him and soon enough they become more than friends.

Myself, Yourself - Ever had a secret? Something you didn't even know yourself because you suppressed it? Two secrets that cause two childhood friends into complete strangers to each other and themselves.

Naruto - Shunned by society, Naruto makes up for it by being a trouble maker. Being a ninja is hard enough when no one seems to trust you. But when he find out about his inner demon, he begins to slowly make bonds with people.

Explain why you would or would not watch these anime? All opinions are welcome!!
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