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Welcome to Crunchyroll Comics ~ !!!!
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23 / F / America
Posted 3/29/13 , edited 3/30/13
Hi I'm Mary and a frequent anime watcher. In fact I watched so much I decided to make my own comic, and thank god for Comipo because I can not draw. Anyway I have a comic called "The World Jumper"

You can find it on the cruchyroll comic page
Or on
and like it at
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36 / M / SAN DIEGO!!!!!!
Posted 5/8/13 , edited 5/9/13
I'm not much into comics but I did find this pretty interesting: A pokemon noir comic that just finished it's first chapter. It looks really good, check it out. (No I'm not affiliated with it in any way)
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38 / F / Raymond, NH
Posted 5/26/13 , edited 5/26/13
Greetings everyone! I'm Ladi.

I have been enjoying all that crunchyroll's anime selection for a while now, however I am expanding my use of it.
I just recently got ComiPo and I am currently awaiting to see if I have approval to post my first chapter here. *fingers crossed*

Aside from anime/manga, I enjoy historical re-enactments (SCA), archery, throwing axes/knives, cross-stitch, painting, drumming, video games and table top role playing games. My favorite games tend to be those with less combat and more heavy character interaction/development and deep story lines.

That's me in a nutshell. Nice to meet you all.
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 11/25/13 , edited 11/26/13
Closed due to inactivity. Okayed by Bee.

locked and closed
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