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Posted 12/18/12 , edited 12/19/12
Well that was fast. If it’s one thing tvN knows, it’s how to brand a hot thing — in this case it’s the PD-writer combo behind this year’s hit time-traveling romance Queen Inhyun’s Man, director Kim Byung-soo and writer Song Jae-jung. The band is back together for a follow-up drama slated for the new year called Court Lady, and they’re currently courting Lee Jin-wook (I Need Romance 2012) and Jo Yoon-hee (You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly) to play the leads.

It’s kind of a mixed bag of news though. On the one hand, I really liked Inhyun and was thrilled to hear that the same team was doing a new drama for tvN. On the other hand, it’s apparently going to be another time-traveling drama. Oy. Not only is that retreading the same narrative ground for the same creative team, I am sick to death of that theme. It’s so 2012. Inhyun was certainly the best of the time travelers this year, but shouldn’t we move forward, and on to whatever 2013′s drama-fad-to-be is?

Both Lee Jin-wook and Jo Yoon-hee are still considering the drama, so it’s not a done deal for the actors. I would’ve groaned at the Jo Yoon-hee casting if I had never seen her in the weekend drama You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, because before that, she was just that super bland second lead in Lie to Me. But then she chopped off all her hair and played the tomboy middle daughter in that hit drama, and improved her screen presence a great deal.

Court Lady will feature another time traveling character, though these two time periods will reportedly be closer together. Still, if the title refers to a palace maiden, there has to be king in a palace, so we’re talking late Joseon at least. No word yet on which of the characters is the one who travels to the other time. They promise one big departure from Inhyun though — this drama will be less about the romance, and will feature a different kind of story. Hm. Can I trade the time travel for the romance?

The thing is, I’m so behind this creative team, and I’m doubly behind them doing another drama for tvN. But another drama with the same premise makes me sad. Because they’re capable of awesome, so why not let them do something new and amazing? This is where I think the Oh Boy series has the franchising done right — loose idea of target audience and flower boy theme, but no repeating of central premise from drama to drama. Instead they’re doing what tvN tried with I Need Romance, which is the version of branding that quite didn’t work for me — same drama, weaker version. I hope there’s enough to differentiate Court Lady from Inhyun, because I want this team to do well and keep making good dramas.

Court Lady will follow Flower Boy Next Door, and premiere in March.
Posted 12/18/12 , edited 12/19/12
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