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If you are here because you are new, this is the right place.
If you are here because you would like to start over, this is also the right place.
If you are here because you have died [shame on you], this is once again, the right place.
But, there are different steps for different reasons!

We, of the whatever you want us to be called give you a warm welcome and howdy-do of finding this place! A good or bad place depends on how you see it. Now, you have a choice, you can go through 3 Doorz one of which is an EXIT Door, and you can't go through that Door. Now you have 2 Doorz to go through! The Red one, or Blue one. It's up to you which you choose. Just go back to the Forums and skip you little self to that oh so very special Door! Good luck and don't you die on us~!
Click here if you chose EXIT --->
Click here if you chose the BLUE door -->
Click here if you chose RED-->

If you have died, want to save, chillax, or whatever go to Helven~!!-->

You obviously hated how your life here was going, and knew that if you went any further, it would mean humiliation and death. Smart of you, but you're still a loser in our books. Knowing the knowledge of your mistakes, hopefully you won't screw up again, right? You are now apart of The Fresh Meat category and can move on from that old life into a new one. Loser.

So you must have not expected to pop up here, in Helven, huh? Here you can relax and think about what your move is from death to life. Tell people how you died, or plan to go on a quest of survival together (rules of that matter are in a better, more obvious place~). You can also save your journey in Helven if you have to kick back into Reality and do something else. We'll keep your life warm for you. As for the ones who died, get yourself under control and walk back to that Fresh Meat line. No butts, just walks.

You can somewhat see that when you are here, wherever here is, you're here to be Fresh Meat for us to omnomnom on and break you to the bone. We can be nice, we swear! But it's up to you how the Combackz get to you. Just life~ In a nutty-nut shell.

The Masters of Madness (Let's call them MOM ...xD) will "assist" you through your story. We tell you the "options" and what is happening and you make the "decisions". Always check to make sure you are being "assisted" by a MOM.

Posted 12/19/12 , edited 12/20/12
NOTE on if you are making a team:
If you are making a team to survive, PLEASE list those members in the comments on THIS forum post. If you do not, you are NOT considered a team.

The rules for teams

You may have ONE representative who tells the decisions. However, the members of your team may die based on the final decision and thus have to leave the team. If you have a team, please state REP by the representatives name. Also, if you wish to make it easier on us, name your team.
Kewldinopuff(REP), Kittycow33, randomperson93, ilovestuffs42, Team name: The Awesome Team

You get the idea.

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