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A small, sweet, innocent Red Door. [not] And it's yours for the opening~!
Let's do this-Whatever we say You do, You have to do. If you don't because you feel like being a bitch, be our guest. We'll just send you right back to Start. If we ask you to do something, you have a choice, but it doesn't mean we will like it.
Skipping like a school girl towards the Red Door, you open it. A massive warzone is placed right before your eyes, and the Door you came out of vanishes. An airplane is coming at you with smoke coming from it right wing.
....Uh so tell us, what do you wanna do now? Post it and we will get back to you sooner than later.
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In case you dont understand, here is an example
I run around trying to figure out what happened
JUST AN EXAMPLE. You may do whatever you wish .
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I run really fast to make sure the plane misses me then I realize somethings not right and that Iv been possibly framed. Lol.
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I jump out of the way and roll down a ditch as soon as I see the plane coming towards me, quickly taking cover and shielding my head with my arms.
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