Stress and Humans
Posted 12/19/12 , edited 12/20/12
Behavior and development in humans is negatively effected by extreme stress.

However, there is the positive outcome to this. The research into ways of combating stress and the health problems it presents. Those effected by stress are educated about how to cope with it and when to seek treatment when stress levels rise too high.
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Posted 12/19/12 , edited 12/20/12
Yeah but number of people entering these fields of medicine are declining. Even with good insurance, mental health care has never been an easy situation either, they have always treated mental health as an unimportant necessity forcing members to call a separate division of the insurance company to obtain help and setting serious parameters on the amount of help the insurance will provide. Tonight on the news they even pointed out that upper incomes can afford to pay for mental health and lower incomes can get mental healthcare through Medicaid, what about everyone else? Maybe it's just me but many of the mass shooters in the past couple of years, who have had records of mental health problems, have seemed to come from middle-class families.
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