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shujin academy
Posted 12/20/12 , edited 12/20/12
✏ ᴅᴀ ʀᴜʟᴇs

You knew they were coming, and here they are.

1. Don't post pornographic pictures. If you really want to, please, please, only put a URL or link instead, and warn those who might click on it with a clear message saying that it is NSFW.

2. In the random/OT/non-RP threads, don't post too excessively. There will be an entire thread dedicated to Spam, Spam, and Moar Spam, where you can post whatever dafuq you want.

No, not that kind of spam.

3. Cussing is allowed, so allowed. Just don't offend your fellow groupmembers.

4. We love moeblobs. No doubt about that. Post things related to them.

5. We encourage lulz, heartbreak, and happiness. Whatever floats your boat. Just no pr0nz. Except for maybe! links.

6. This group is solely for the purpose of entertainment, have fun!

7. Nasujima-sensei can, and will be mentioned. If you don't know who Nasujima is, well...
you might be better off not knowing.
Just kidding!

That's Takashi Nasujima, one of my most favorite animated perverts.


1. IDC if you keep it PG-13 or not, go full on dirty if you want to. But if you do, use a spoiler. For the sake of the more fainthearted people.

2. I don't always RP using spoilers, but when i do, it's because there's an extremely long conversation behind the rest of my post.
Also Known As: If you have a huge arse RP conversation quote in your post, please put in a spoiler and continue doing so until you start a new conversation. Some people do not like to scroll down.

3. You can make your own characters and use other anime characters besides the K-ON! ladies. I don't care what their gender is and what anime they're from. Add psychopaths, add OCs, add cats, add more moeblobs.

♦About Relationships♦

♣ Pair people. Pair them, and pair 'em now. I don't care how cracktastic they are. Crack is fun

4. I'm not the largest yuri/yaoi fan myself, it's not really my thing ('scuse you, doesn't mean I'm a homophobic hater), so if you want to have same sex interaction that is not just 'implied', I will create separate threads.

5. Please don't make your character have absolute control everything or overly overly Mary Sue/Gary Stu-ish.


7. Pregnancy is allowed for female characters who are of a prepubescent age (also known as over 13 years of age). You decide what happens to the character, what she does. The conception can't really be... how can I put it... immaculate, also known as virgin pregnancy. Whatever happens between the character and her boyfriend/fling/whatever can be played out without major detail (or even implied).
♦ No Mr. Seahorses here, I'm sorry, but men pregnancy is just too weird for me. If you want to Roleplay about it in a yaoi themed thread, fine.
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