Posted 12/20/12 , edited 12/21/12
By the way, things will be added along the way!

No god modding and trolling

No Legendary Pokemon and high level pokemon when you first join. If you want to battle and capture a legendary pokemon then talk to me. If you encounter them, but don't battle kinda like how Ash saw Hoho then that's acceptable.

Please, as much as I know people like to joke around, but if it actually is insulting someone then stop it or we're going to have a problem.

No discrimination towards other members and their beliefs and interests.

I don't care if you have a shiny pokemon, but do not have an entire team filled with them.

Also, don't say you have a bunch of rare candies to level up your pokemon.

I don't care how many characters you have, but be smart about it.

Pokemon starters:

You can have any pokemon that has a first evolution form and as long it isn't legendary or a super powered one.

Someone could have a beldum for a starter or a dratini if they wanted to, but it can't be a Salamance or Charizard as a starter.

You're first pokemon will be at level 5!!!

Pokemon that you obtain except through trading (with another rper) will have a level around the pokemon that you have in your current party.

Leveling up and evolving:

When you win a battle the pokemon you used will gain what I call an LUP (level up point). When you get ten of them your pokemon will level up and they will learn new moves or evolve. There will be a link to a website that has a list of pokemon and what happens when they level up. Also the pokemon that won a round in battle will get two LUP and the losing pokemon will get one LUP. This applies to double, triple, and rotation battles.

When you battle a wild pokemon you will only get one LUP. If you capture a wild pokemon it will not count for LUP.

For pokemon that evolve through stones like firestones still applies to the rp.

Evolving items that have to be held on to during trading will instead evolve through leveling up one level when a pokemon holds it.

Pokemon that evolve through affection to its trainer will evolve depending on how the trainer acts to its pokemon and they still evolve through leveling up. ALTHOUGH, I don't want to see someone it leveling up a few days later and saying it evolved. I will call bs to that.

Pokemon that evolve through regular trade as in without items will evolve after it has leveled up 15 times.
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