A thought about Edo Nagato
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Posted 12/20/12 , edited 12/21/12
Do you feel that the storyline was necessary to have Edo Itachi seal away Edo Nagato?

I mean, had Edo Nagato had the level of strength in countering the control Kabuto had on him the way Itachi did, I would have loved to see the first Rinnegan bearer (as in, he was the first to be seen with the Rinnegan. Also, that he has yet to be shown to having that monster Madara "transplant" in him further supports my theory that Nagato was born with the Rinnegan without Madara having done any transplanting which would say Madara was lying about such. I also feel that Nagato activated his Rinnegan by natural skill vs. Madara getting his by him injecting the Senju DNA)

I started the same question here:

Members thegame and VariaBossX are immature with their answers.

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Posted 5/22/13 , edited 5/23/13
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