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Post Reply Steel Angel Kurumi Marathon Needed!
Posted 12/27/12 , edited 12/27/12
Uhm... why is people hating the Zero season? if you paid attention in the previous 2 seasons, everything is kinda obvious and easy to understand.

Also, it's mostly ecchi and season 2 is definitely yuri so unless you've yuri tendences, I'd say it's a show aimed to a male audience, if you liked Ikkitousen then you're gonna like this too.
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Posted 12/27/12 , edited 12/28/12

lorreen wrote:

lalmelvin wrote:

Just out of curiosity: How will this Marathon help Crunchyroll?

Keeps existing customers happier and keeps them visiting the site. More visits to the site means more audience for advertisements; it also leads to retention of paying members, who'll watch the show on CR in its last days instead of going elsewhere. Also just keeping customers happier means keeping customers over time. If they don't announce a series being removed, folks would bitch and whine about it, and stomp their feet and pout and claim they are going to leave CR because CR is so mean and crappy when they don't let us know about news like this.

So, encouraging a marathon is an upbeat way of giving us a heads up that the show won't be around much longer, and we should enjoy it now.

If a show is in my queue, I'd be very disappointed to just have it become unavailable without notice. Likewise if there's a series I've been thinking about watching and haven't got around to putting in my queue. Knowing that it's going away soon is a welcome nudge.

And sometimes it brings to light a series you didn't know about, and would like. That happened to me with Giants. I was really, really glad I got a chance to watch it, but I wouldn't have done so without the Marathon/going away announcement.

So, it makes me happy that CR makes these announcements.

I think you misunderstood what I was trying to ask (or I was unclear in what I was asking). Also I have nothing against CR announcing Marathons, I actually really appreciate them letting users know what anime's will soon be removed from the site due to licensing issues.
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