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Posted 12/23/12 , edited 12/23/12
Forest of Desolation
Survive the battle. Survive the Forest. Glory is yours.

The Hermit Smith, Old Zhang

Meh who are you? Why are you on my land? I am Old Zhang, and you somehow have stumbled into the Forest of Desolation. Even the toughest of warriors will survive. Now! Fight for my pleasure and perhaps I will show you how to get out!

Each battle is two on two. I can't have you people dying because you didn't have someone watching your back. You lose a battle by giving up, Being KOed, or If your fight is inactive for 7 days. Also if you are killed by the forest or your opponent, well I've already buried plenty in this forest. Be careful, the creatures of this forest are drawn to the sounds of battle. Like the ex below. Remember my student you YOU MUST have a character to fight with. Whether it's your very own or from a Anime, Comic, or Manga. But you MUST have a partner or I will feed you to the creatures of the forest myself. Now begone and only return to me when you have finished your fight.

Make sure when you battle, you to have all Attacks and Attack descriptions in spoilers for each Attack you have just used. There is an example of this in the spoiler.

The Entry Form

Character Fighting As: (Name of who ever your playing)
Anime OR Preset OR Created: (IS this a created character, Or A character From the Show Or A Preset)
Partner: (Character/Username)
Fighting Style: (Name and description of Attacks/Powers)
Duel Request: (Your Desired Opponent. Put username and Character of who you with to do battle with)

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