The Ideal MMO
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Posted 12/23/12 , edited 12/23/12
I was just wondering if anyone's ever really given some thought about what makes an MMO so great like if the gameplay would be much like skyrim or has the customization like saints row with just as much action instead? I personally enjoyed Metal Gear Online since it mixed in well with leveling and gear, or Team Fortress theme gameplay was fun for me. Whats your thoughts?
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Posted 12/23/12 , edited 12/24/12
The ideal MMO for me has to have martial arts in it, and the graphics have to be severely detailed to the last inch of hair, and there has to be a lot of weaponry, like not the occasional sword, like a spear or a staff, something that would somehow fit me. I was a big fan of KitsuSaga, but then they shut it down because the game didn't get as many players as it hoped it would this year so you better believe I was disappointed, having to level up so many times only to find out a year later that they were going to shut down. If I would of known about their loss of so many players, I would have had my friends play it every day with me to make sure it didn't close down. Kyaaaah. I'm really martial arts passionate when it comes to MMOs. If there's any reccomendations for me, please tell me.
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Posted 12/24/12 , edited 12/24/12

Swords & Magic high fantasy setting, or alternate reality modern world with swords and magic/PSI. (post-apocalyptic?)
Skill-based combat (No autoattack, manual blocking and dodging...)... to separate the great players from the good
Rewards for exploration, and other non-combat activities (crafting, etc)
"Good and Evil" karma system- with Elder Scrolls-like crime system, because some people would like a change of pace from being the hero now and again
Realistic, high end graphics!
Strong/rare equipment should be distinguishable and unique looking. Some select gears should be almost one of a kind. "That guy's sword, isn't that the legendary weapon ______?"
EPIC story and boss battles
Able to display guild emblems/colors on armor
Fast-travel system... none of that 'mount' nonsense
Reduced grind, and screw your Kill Ten Rats quests
Good game balance
Interesting lore.. and lots of it
PK everywhere + safe zones - with karma and crime system to keep griefers and newbie gankers in check. (or at least experiment with PK in beta or smth)

Most importantly the sense of wonder; the feeling of being a hero in another world should always be there. The feeling of "oh my god that monster is massive and it looks really strong and terrifying!!" and such is what I liked best when I first played Guild Wars 2, so my ideal MMO should definitely make everyone feel that way. :D

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Posted 5/27/13 , edited 5/27/13
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