Which Anime would you like to be made into a AMV?
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28 / M / the darker side o...
Posted 1/23/08 , edited 1/23/08
Like the title says, for which one of your favourite anime(s) would you like to watch a good AMV?

Personally i would like to watch :
Berserk x Acid Rain - Dream Theater
ef~ a tale of memories x Fix you - Coldplay

there are already hundreds of Naruto & DBZ videos with Linkin Park sound tracks on them, so dont post the same things over and over again about naruto/dbz x linkin park =/

~~~there is no similar amv thread out there, this is NOT a discussion about a amv/who hates amv/anime specific amv/blah blah. so dont go reporting it like blind tards
go refer http://www.crunchyroll.com/search?q=amv&o=f and see if it is a duplicate thread
& this after-thought is MOSTLY for liwancito who makes it his unique fetish to report every thread out there~~~
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27 / F / [718] bklyn
Posted 1/28/08 , edited 1/28/08
KimiKiss Pure Rouge - Teardrops on my guitar~Taylor swift

the video for the song reminds me alot of the anime

girl likes guy
guy likes diff girl &&doesn`t like girl like that
girl becomes super sad
puts up facade so guy knows nothing
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Posted 3/17/09 , edited 3/17/09
Dude, just make one lol
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