Anime DUBS not Subed.
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Posted 12/27/12 , edited 12/28/12
I came across this site. and Was like, finally a site I can watch my anime.
But I was greatly disappointed when I tried a few shows and found they were Subbed. I know they are for most people. But I guess I'm not most people. I LIKE it to be Dubbed. See, I'm often doing other activities while watching/listening to the show. Its hard to listen to a subbed anime. Yeah, when I have the time, sure Ill gladly sit down and watch a subbed. I love it. Just not when my focus isn't on the screen. I just have it playing.
Is there an option I'm missing? to change it to dubbed?

Please help
Posted 12/27/12 , edited 12/28/12
The majority of the anime here on CR is subbed. There is no option to switch between the two, though we do have dubbed anime, unfortunately this is not very many. Here is the list of anime we currently have dubbed:

Also, personal threads are not allowed here. So I'm going to have to lock your thread.
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