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Contagious - Chapter 1
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In your Dreams
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Contagious - Chapter 1
If one had a wish to go back to the past, stay in the time now or blast into the future, which would it be? If one had to choose money, love or happiness, which would it be? If one chose to live, die or stay as a spirit, which would it be?
Three questions in my head, now.
I’m not much but just a young girl…well, to be honest, I was a young girl once. Not anymore I’d say now.
I am a teen, a very confused one. And yet all these questions lingered through my head. Of course, that would be normal if some maid had told you, claiming no harm, that you were a Prodigy of Lathens. And on top of all that, I am constantly reminded that Lathens is pronounced ‘Laythens’ rather than ‘La-thens’.
“M’lady, are you dressed well and ready for tea? Sir Cointvous is waiting for you.”
I nodded despite the choking thing around my neck. I think it was a Choker I was wearing, never the less, I didn’t get to choose. I was just ordered to put on the dress, get ready and go downstairs, as just previously reminded.
And where to? To see Sir Cointvous of course! Why, how much of a waste of time he is. And how much of a waste of energy he consumes when I’m already very tired.
I opened the door and walked downstairs, my onyx shoes clicking as I carefully walked along the wooden floorboards, (with the maid behind me of course, making sure I didn’t break anything).
“M’lady, please be careful when you turn the corner. There’s a corridor full of portraits M’lady.”
“Yes, I know Lucinda, and you said ‘M’lday’ twice .” I mimicked, making sure I got the tone right; British, loyal, much like a Yorkshire off track and half strangled yet making sure he didn’t loosen his leash. That’s how bad Lucinda sounded and it wasn’t going to get any better.
“Good evening dear, please take a seat.” Sir Cointvous said, giving a half smile creepy enough to set me fleeing. But I didn’t of course; I stayed.
“Good evening Sir.” I replied, after all, that’s the least I could manage. I could see Lucinda from the corner of my eye, watching Sir Cointvous’s every move. Of course, with a face as ugly as a paedophile let loose, I don’t think even Lucinda would trust him by me.
“Lucinda, may we have some privacy please?” requested Sir Cointvous. He flashed a smiled at me which made me feel like puking, but it wasn’t a good idea since set before me was a nice warm pudding.
Although I disliked the way he requested things so simply in a mild manner as if he wouldn’t care less, I didn’t mind him asking Lucinda to leave since I had been trying to achieve that myself. Since falling into my reflection, everything around here was strange.
Now, have I told you about how I fell in my reflection? You don’t fall into your reflection do you? Even so, I don’t understand why I haven’t seen you here. And if it is anyone to tell, it’d be you.

It all started a few days ago, right when I had noticed some strange changes in my appearance in the mirror. First of all, I did not have a mark on my left cheek and secondly I did not have any sort of waves in my hair yet my reflection did. Now, this doesn’t get as strange until you’ve heard about this!
I was wandering by a pond when I realised my eyes were blue. No, it wasn’t the water for goodness sake, it was my eyes! My own eyes had changed colour before me. I had coal black eyes, positive. Eyes so black, you could see the night and the glinting stars of your reflection.
The next day of course, I looked in the mirror. I had completely changed. My eyes were blue, my hair was wavy and across my whole left cheek was a scar as deep as a horrid wound, almost left infected and exposed to some sort of horrid thing! I was frightened of course, yes very frightened. Wouldn’t you?
My hair, as I touched it felt straight, yet my reflection had waves naturally in my hair. My eyes were black as the dark night, yet glinting, almost piercing into my own were bright blue crystal eyes. Shaking, I gently moved my hand across my cheek. It felt nice and smooth, soft and fine; nothing like my reflection. I called for help. My mother was always outside and if it wasn’t her gardening, you’d find her in her room doing something at least.
I called, I yelled, I even screamed but I was muted. Horrified, I could hear myself, howling. A voice I could barely recognize; not the sweet sound of lullabies I sang for the children and not the voice of an angel singing a Christmas carol. It was monstrous. It was howling.
The next thing I did was very stupid and mind you, if you ever see your own reflection don’t ever do what I did.
Guess what I did?
I touched it.
I placed my finger upon the mirror and whoosh! My brain froze just like in summer when I gulped down a whole ice-block. It froze so badly I couldn’t move. My head felt like it tightened then it let loose.
I looked back at the mirror.
I was gone.
But where I now stood was the reflection with a scar, wavy hair and the blue eyes. I couldn’t see myself but I knew it. The waves of the hair tickled my chin and my cheek stung like mad.
Then I realised, I was no longer in my comfort zone with my bean bags, my lovely posters. I was in a room, the walls peeling and before me was a grey bed with a black frilled suitcase nested on it.
The mirror was hung on the wall right above the bedpost and I saw nothing there; not even the reflection of my reflection. I stood there, yet the suitcase didn’t budge as if it was waiting for me to open it.
I did. Yes, a very stupid thing to do but what else? It was right there and…tempting.
When I opened it, there was the dress, the Choker, the umbrella, the deck of cards and on the top of the inner lid were three questions engraved.

“Money, love or happiness? Past, present or future? Life, death or spirit?” I heard Sir Cointvous ask.
“Money, love or happiness? Without money, you will never be happy as greed takes us all. Without love one cannot live or exist anywhere. Without happiness all is lost. Why do you ask? Is there a meaning for this? If not, I do not see the point of answering.” I replied, taking a sip of tea as the steam stung my wound on my cheek.
“Prodigy. That’s why I’m asking.” a cold voice answered me, as if it was another person but definitely a voice of Cointvous. His real voice maybe? Hidden under the double chin, plump face and half bald head, he might be a cold heartless fellow. Not that I’d know of.
“Prodigy? Is Prodigy a person?” I asked. After all, I had to get used to this.
“Prodigy is Prodigy. Now, back to my questions, they are fair and simple.” Sir Cointvous said, glancing at me.
I didn’t like the way he glanced at me, but nevertheless I had to deal with it.
“I would choose Happiness, Spirit and the Past.” I answered. I had thought about it for a while but have come to these conclusions.
With Happiness I would have Money and Love for myself. With a Spirit, I would be able to die but live again. With the Past, I can always go back to make the right choices.
“Wise choices you make…yet your brain isn’t fully mature?”
Sir Cointvous stood up, his rounded belly pushing the table back slightly so I was having difficulty breathing. Not that he would have noticed.
“Why don’t we fix up that… scar on your face?”
If he didn’t mention it, I would have completely forgotten about the strange wound on my cheek. I didn’t know how I got the wound but it no longer stung. Even so, looking at myself in the copper cups was out of my comfort zone when I had a horrible looking scar across my face.
“Good idea Sir. Where is the bathroom?” I asked.
“Out the corridor, turn left and it should be the first door round the corner. Very easy to find for someone like you.” he said and walked off. As soon as he left the room, I pushed my chair back, making sure I was able to breathe after the table had been jammed in my abdomen.
“Old geezers…why am I even here?”
I suddenly remembered there was Lucinda to guide me around. For once I needed to see her.
“Lucinda, can you please explain to me what Prodigy is?” I called, as I heard her come back into the room.
“That is not something you need to inquire.”
“But I am asking for an answer Lucinda.”
I glanced at her, a mocking grin coming across my face. I had to turn so my back faced her to be able to hide this grin.
“Prodigy isn’t something to talk about so casually.” Lucinda replied sternly.
“And, what or who might Prodigy be?”
Lucinda hesitated to tell but spoke up, “Prodigy is an Institute for… Prodigies .”
An Institute ? So Sir Cointvous is planning to send me to an institute ?” I gasped, turning to face Lucinda, my grin wiped away.
“That isn’t the intentions of Sir Cointvous as he said it…but it could be said that way.”
“And who does Sir Cointvous think he is? I am just told to see him by you! It was you Lucinda who dragged me into this! I don’t want to see some Cointvous !” I yelled, panicking. “And get me back out of here.” I muttered under my breath.
“Once you go in you can’t go out again my dear.”
“Oh yes I can! This is just a stupid reflection! I like my hair straight! I loved my black eyes and I was fine with the face I had before!”
Lucinda shook her head and placed her hands together as if she was praying, “God bless this child…she doesn’t know what she’s talking about…”
I don’t know what I’m talking about ? I think I know pretty well about what’s going on.” I replied.
“You do not. Prodigy is a good place to be sent. Tell me, what decisions do you regret?” Lucinda asked, peering at me from her glasses positioned on the tip of her nose.
“Regret? I regret nothing . Well, probably the regret of ever having a reflection.” I answered slyly.
“Clever, but too clever. That’s why you belong in Prodigy, with the other geniuses.” Lucinda snapped.
I had to calm down; I didn’t want to take it out on Lucinda, though she was incredibly annoying.
“I’m just going to go to the bathroom, if you’ll excuse me Lucinda?”
I walked towards the door and as I just stepped outside I turned back, “Lucinda, where was the bathroom again?”
I could see her roll her little eyes, “ Left , darling, left .”
“Left.” I scoffed. Now, as if I would actually use the bathroom for its rightful purpose. I’m going home. I’m getting my straight hair back and no more ugly scar.
I strolled down the corridor, turning left and there it was. A bathroom. A disgusting old bathroom. Well, I was joking. It wasn’t really bad; I just thought it would be judging the amount of dark shadows looming over the door in the corner.
As I entered the bathroom, I realised there were no mirrors.
“Oh great…just what I needed.”
I didn’t find any mirrors elsewhere and I was starting to get worried. If I’m in my reflection, where’s the real me?
Questions in my head didn’t help, especially when I’ve already gotten a headache from the three troublesome questions. So I went back to bed and slept. Uncomfortably of course.

{{Thank you for reading my story. Please review, I'd greatly appreciate it. It's very long I'm sorry but when I type I get carried away...! }}
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Ohmygod, this is really nice! I couldn't help but read this whole thing in the British accent.
Also, I just realized her name was never mentioned. I'd understand if that was on purpose.

By the way, I don't think this is a fanfic. It's an original story, right?

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Posted 12/28/12 , edited 12/28/12
I find this very, very, interesting yet I seem to barely get whats happening, but that might just be me having a short attention span due to my current mood. Besides the point, this is something I would enjoy reading the rest of since I have a ton of questions of questions and hope for answers to most of them. I give it an 9 out of 10. Keep writing and making people more curious ^_^

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In your Dreams
Posted 12/29/12 , edited 12/29/12

Lillin-chan wrote:

Ohmygod, this is really nice! I couldn't help but read this whole thing in the British accent.
Also, I just realized her name was never mentioned. I'd understand if that was on purpose.

By the way, I don't think this is a fanfic. It's an original story, right?

MelodyOfLight wrote:

I find this very, very, interesting yet I seem to barely get whats happening, but that might just be me having a short attention span due to my current mood. Besides the point, this is something I would enjoy reading the rest of since I have a ton of questions of questions and hope for answers to most of them. I give it an 9 out of 10. Keep writing and making people more curious ^_^

@Lillin-chan: Thank you~ And you're right, it is an original story ^-^ I've always wanted to write a story of my own so I decided to see if I was successful. Does the story sound nice with the British accent? XD Thank you for reading my story!

@MelodyOfLight: ^-^ Thank you as well~! I'm glad you like my story, though it was probably really long just for the intro part XD I'll continue to write and post my next chapter~! Maybe you will understand it a bit more when I post my next chapter. It'll explain a bit more throughout the story. Thank you for reading my story!
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In your Dreams
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Contagious - Chapter 2
I woke up the next day feeling bright and fresh, despite a strange feeling on my cheek. I gently moved my hand across it and felt it was no longer that painful but more even now. Yes, Lucinda must have fixed up my wound. Thank you to her.
I remembered dressing myself in a strange suit which looked more like a lab coat than whatever it was supposed to be. My hair was still wavy which I hated terribly. Even though I had gotten over my crystal blue eyes, I still threw a tantrum whenever someone mentioned the word ‘coal’ or ‘black’.
“M’lady, are you—”
“Yes, I’m dressed if that’s what you were going to ask.”
I had gotten used to the ways Lucinda did things. Early in the morning, she’d wake up at about 4am, treat herself to her own chocolate which she called ‘indulgent breakfast’, put on her pantihose and dress neatly, then she’d run down the hallway waking everyone up. After that, she’d tell you to get dressed and within the next few minutes, she’d ask if you’re done.
“Now, breakfast is—”
“Yes, French Toast again is it?” I said, opening the door to face her. Her size wasn’t too big, plump and reached the height of my chest.
“French Toast it is. What a clever child.” she replied with heavy sarcasm. I hated the way she talked back when I was superior, but I think she felt the same when I snap back. Only, I was superior and she thought she was superior. There’s a great difference you know.
“Is Cointvous going to be there?” I asked as I walked downstairs with Lucinda following behind, just like the first time I arrived here.
“It’s Sir Cointvous. To my great surprise, he isn’t here but his son will be in charge and helping you enrol in Prodigy.” she said, smiling as if she had something in mind. “Mind you, Young Master Cointvous is a lovely one; well manner, pleasing and…well, you’ll see for yourself.”
“Cointvous this, Cointvous that. When will all this ever end?” I muttered to myself, dramatically waving my hand dismissively.
I rolled my eyes as I peered in the doorway where a person sat. He had brown hair and was wearing something fancy. Typical for a spoilt family like the Cointvous. I couldn’t see the rest of his features as he was too busy eating.
Taking a seat opposite him all the way across the long table, I glared at him. You send me to Prodigy and I’ll haunt you for the rest of my life.
It was as if he read my mind.
He looked up from his bowl of soup, and I could see his eyes were green, none much like his father who had blue eyes. Speaking of blue eyes, I had suddenly received a migraine thinking my eye colour now was similar to Sir Cointvous’s.
“Good morning Miss Ebony.” he greeted, nodding his head as a hello.
“Yes, you too.”
“My father has—”
“Tried to send me to Prodigy?”
The young man paused before tucking in his napkin, “Would you allow me to finish Miss Ebony?”
“Almost, if it weren’t for the constant formal addressing. Don’t you get tired of it? Miss this, Miss that, Misses everywhere?”
“No, I had always learnt to stay by this attitude since I was five, if you don’t mind. My name is Cassius Cointvous; it’s a pleasure to meet you Ebony. You are the latest student we are sending to Prodigy.” he said, holding out a firm hand.
We were facing each other, opposite the tables. What did he expect? Is he nuts? There’s no way I’d walk to the other side just to get a handful of grubby handshakes.
“Nice to meet you too. You might already know my name, actually, positive. It must have been the work of your father right?”
I ignored his outstretched hand and began to examine the soup for any sort of drugs if it was spiked.
“It’s perfectly safe and healthy.” Cassius commented. When I looked up, he no longer had his hand stretched out. He probably thought it was a shame I didn’t come over to shake his hand. More like, he was rather too stupid to think I’d go all the way to get nearby.
“How can you guarantee this? You and your father, or rather this whole place have been trying to get me to this Institute. And so far, do you really think I’d agree? Wouldn’t it be easier to spike this soup and wait till I sleep, then throw me in the back of a truck and send me there?” I mocked.
“No, of course not! We do absolutely appreciate it and will send you to Prodigy but we don’t use that sort of tactic to ensure students do arrive at the Institute. I assure you, it’s safe. If you don’t believe me, I’ll try it out for you.” he replied.
“Well, it certainly seems like you would use those sorts of nasty ways to get what you wanted.” glaring at him, I realised my blue eyes were pretty good after all. It seemed to send a chilling glare across, “And no thank you, if you did come and try it out, I wouldn’t drink it any further. Hygiene Cassius; don’t you know I don’t share germs?”
Cassius sighed and sat down, beginning to eat his French Toast while drinking the soup.
I was tempted to eat but I wouldn’t dare touch food provided here.
“So, why aren’t there any mirrors around here?” I asked, completely avoiding the topic of Prodigy. Prodigy made me feel sick.
“Mirrors are forbidden. It’s a rule my father made.” he said simply and so casually it was as if he thought it was actually normal to not look at yourself one every morning.
“Then how do you ensure you look perfect?”
“Oh thank you.” he said, implying the wrong meaning. I did not say he was perfect, but I was rather asking how people look perfect. “I have memorized my hair and facial features by touch. We don’t use mirrors.”
I frowned at this, imagining myself straightening my already straight hair without looking. It would have been painful if I straightened my hair through touch. I would have burnt my own finger.
“Why don’t you use mirrors?”
For a long moment, Cassius seemed to stare at me in a nice way without any horrid intentions, more like gazing in confusion.
“Why would we? Mirrors bring bad spirits; ones that choose Spirit over Life and Death who have then become evil.” said Cassius.
A question suddenly hit my head, “Then have you even seen what a mirror looks like?”
“Yes, I’ve seen it in the novel, ‘The History of Mirrors’.” Cassius replied, giving a smile.
“And that would mean you haven’t seen on in real life then.” I corrected, rolling my eyes once again. “Oh, since you don’t have the urging intention to send me to Prodigy yet, can you tell me why the three questions are important?”
Cassius gave me a puzzled look, “Three questions?”
“Life, Death or Spirit? Past, present or future? Money, love or happiness?” I reminded.
Cassius started to chuckle and I found it disturbing. I didn’t like it when anyone laughed at me, even if it was some son of Sir Cointvous. A son of a retard.
“Of course I know! Several people coming by all have been asked this. I was four when I met the first genius that I had seen. His name was Cassidy.”
As he said this, I noticed him giving me a wink and I shuddered. What now?
“Cassidy was my best friend. We’d do everything together. Typical eh? I know. Cassidy and Cassius; it was wonderful. But then something happened and…well, let’s spare the details.” said Cassius.
Lucinda had been watching us and overhearing our conversation all along but I wanted her to know I wasn’t easily fooled. I wanted her to hear how I spoke with Cassius Cointvous; I wasn’t a coward.
“I don’t see why you’re telling me about Cassidy.”
“Cassidy was another one of me, he was kind and cheerful.”
“I don’t see how you are anyhow similar to your friend Cassidy. You aren’t cheerful and who knows how much kindness your heart holds?” I said, standing up. “Excuse me; I have to visit the bathroom.”
Scoffing slightly, I left the dining hall with Lucinda gaping.
“M’lady! M’lady! That is not how you speak with Young Master Cointvous! It is despicable!” she called after me, running along on her stubby legs.
I turned around to face her, my face cold and expressionless, “Who cares if it is despicable? I am going home and that’s final.”
Lucinda turned beetroot red and stood on the tip of her toes so her face finally was level with mine.
“M’lady, do you really think you came here as a mistake?”
“Well, yeah. Duh.
“You’re wrong. You’re wrong, M’lady.”
“You’re not very close to right either.”
“Right, right, right! I am very much always right wherever I go!”
“Then you’ll never get to the bathroom because from how correct I am, you can never always be right wherever you go. The bathroom for instance requires turning left, not right.” I snapped and stormed down the corridor.
“M’lady! If you really have to do things this way, then I must say, you’ll get lost down there! It’s a world of its own.” I heard her yell. Like I would care? I need a world of my own right now or I’ll lose my mind. Lathens is no place for me; it’s a torture house.
Walking down the darkened hallway wasn’t easy. Half the time I stumbled across my won foot or wound up in the same place. Quite like a maze I’d have to admit but after a few turns, I had gotten the hang of it. It seemed that every left turn would take you to another hallway. On the third time of each hallway, you turn right and you’d end up somewhere else instead of going in circles.
I don’t remember how long I had been turning left and right in the darkness but finally I found a door. It was maroon but the handle was golden and it shone brightly under the dim lit light on the door step. I turned the handle and went inside.

{{The second chapter to the story is done~! }}
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In your Dreams
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Contagious - Chapter 3
“Oh! I— How did you come in?!” a surprised voice shrieked. It wasn’t of a female’s so I knew I must have stumbled across a room containing a quite surprised man.
“This door…the maze led me here. Could you tell me where I am?” I muttered, half wanting to leave and half wanting to continue exploring for an exit in a mirror.
“Oh…it’s you Ebony?”
“You know me?”
I peered around the corner; careful that I knew what I was doing in case anyone was changing but no, there sitting in the middle of the room on a couch was Cassius.
“Hi Ebony.”
“Well, hello to the son of a retard.”
“My father is not a retard, you know that so?” complained Cassius. He stood up and put down his glass of wine, stumbling across the room; a sign he was more likely to be drunk.
“I know fairly well if he is or not.” Dodging a little by moving to the side, he collapsed onto another couch far back in the room, “Is this your room? It looks pretty old to me.”
“It was my father’s room until he decided to let me have it. It’s not old, quite a nice and cosy place if you know what I mean.” he said, his voice hoarse and tired.
“I don’t know what you mean.”
I glanced over, noticing he was going to fall asleep sooner or later. Seeking a chance as he was most likely unconscious, I asked all the questions I had.
“Where’s the working mirrors? Can you lead me there? How do you get out of this place? Why am I sent to Prodigy? How do you escape from Prodigy?”
A few hiccups were heard before he sat up, his hair all messy and his eyes drowsy.
“The mirrors are gone and I dunno where they are…” his voice became slurry, “Ierno where to geddout of this place…you’re sent to Prodigy cos of the same reason I was…and…unless you’re me, you’ll never find a place to geddout of Prodigy.”
As he spoke, I took a stepped back. If I was him then I would escape? The same reason he was sent there? Wait…wait a minute…why is he being sent to Prodigy? Sir Cointvous would never send his son to Prodigy!
“Who are you?!” I gasped, suddenly realising the strange fault in this whole system.
“Cassidy Cointvous…” Cassius replied, hiccupping severely.
“Cassidy Cointvous! Yes, that’s me!”
“But you said you were Cassius! Where is Cassius? Or… who is Cassius?” I asked, crouching down so I was level with Cassidy who was now sprawled on the ground.
“Do I need to tell you again? I’m Cassidy…now goodnight fair lady. I have to go somewhere tomorrow.” Cassidy mumbled.
“Well then take me with you tomorrow!” I ordered, taking advantage since he was drunk. I have to see what’s going on. He’s got authority, he should know what and where he’s going. I’ll get something off him by tagging along. It won’t be hard. I thought.
“Promise? Do you promise by your retarded father?”
“Promise…and I’ll assure you, my father is not a retar—“
Cassidy fell asleep, half drooling onto the carpet and I found another door, exiting from there with a sigh.
“Something is terribly wrong. This is no ordinary place. There are no mirrors, there’s some Institute, and there’s a giant mistake between some Cassidy and Cassius Cointvous! Am I even conscious?!”
I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. The pain quickly spread across my skin and I stopped pinching. It’s real, I’m not dreaming. That means…I really am trapped here.

{{The third chapter is out~! It's shorter than the others since I haven't had time to write but, hope you guys like it! }}
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wow >.> I wonder if the main character is srsly gonna turn into a tsundere one day ... but nevamind good job ^^v keep writing!!! it's pretty interesting :3
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In your Dreams
Posted 2/14/13 , edited 2/15/13

kawai_syusuke wrote:

wow >.> I wonder if the main character is srsly gonna turn into a tsundere one day ... but nevamind good job ^^v keep writing!!! it's pretty interesting :3

{{ XD It's good that you like it~ }}
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F / US
Posted 2/26/13 , edited 2/27/13

YumeHagino wrote:

Hello! I'm volunteering to proofread fanfics. I'll make sure every sentence makes sense and check for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. That way I can practice proofreading and you can focus on your story!
If you want I'll proofread ch1 for you before you decide.
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In your Dreams
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{{^u^ Sure~ }}
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23 / F
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VERY interesting story.
You have a very interesting plotline. I think it's very different, and unique. I can't help but read it in a british accent Great job.
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In your Dreams
Posted 3/2/13 , edited 3/3/13

AnimeVocaloidGirl wrote:

VERY interesting story.
You have a very interesting plotline. I think it's very different, and unique. I can't help but read it in a british accent Great job.

{{ Thank you~ Well, it seems my story has a brittish tone to it. I've been told it's read in a Brittish accent quite a few times, I'm glad you enjoy it, when I have more time I'll continue writing. }}
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In your Dreams
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Contagious - Chapter 4
“Louder! Sing louder M’lady!” Lucinda ordered.
“Okay then…
~Close your tired eyes relax and then,
Count from one to ten, and open them,
All these heavy thoughts, will try to weight you down.
But not this time.
~Way up in the air you’re finally free,
And you can stay up there, right next to me,
All this gravity, will try to weight you down.
But not this time.
~When the sun goes down and the lights burn out,
Then it’s time for you to shine. Brighter than a shooting star,
So shine no matter where you are.
~Feel the darkest night with a brilliant light,
Cos it’s time for you to shine. Brighter than a shooting star,
So shine no matter where you are. Tonight~”
I sang loud and clear, feeling a great emotional connection with this song. I couldn’t finish it as I had only practiced a bit of the song but it was complete even though it wasn’t the full song.
“Bravo Ebony, you did well.”
A voice could be heard in the direction of the doorway and I was right, Cassidy was there clapping with a broad beam across his face.
“M’lady, please do not get distracted by Young Master Cointvous.” Lucinda said, watching me.
I didn’t need to be watched. As if I’d do anything stupid. Lucinda had just thought over the top. I wasn’t even friends with Cassidy, let alone whatever she was predicting.
“I used to sing that when I was younger.” Cassidy said, his green eyes twinkling as if he was telling me something.
“Younger? But I thought you were—”
“Of course I was!” Cassidy gave me a look as if he was conveying a message to keep my mouth shut for the time being.
“Young Master Cointvous, if you don’t mind, Miss Ebony and I are practicing the melodies for Prodigy.” Lucinda quipped.
“Oh, I was just hoping I could have a word with her.” Cassidy said, sighing but then turning to leave, he smiled, “Well, don’t worry.”
Lucinda, hearing that he had to speak to me brightened up. She must have thought I was in trouble for exploring in the maze. Her gaze set upon me and though her smile was sweet, I could tell she wanted to get rid of me to Prodigy as soon as possible. “Wait Young Master!”
Cassidy turned around, almost as if he knew this would happen and innocently blinked, “Yes Lucinda?”
“Please do speak to her; I would appreciate it if you would.”
Cassidy’s hands were clasped happily and a pleasant smile spread across his face, “Well thank you Lucinda, my, what a lovely kind woman you are.” He said, taking Lucinda by her hand and gently kissed her on the back of her hand. Lucinda was indeed elder than him yet she seemed to swoon at this moment. I found it disgusting. A nutty spinster who can’t let her guard down and a stubborn young man; I’d say quite a perfect match .
As Lucinda bowed a thank you, she moved off to the corner, dusting the top shelves with glee and brushing lightly over the piano keys.
I rolled my eyes in disgust. “Enjoy yourself Lucinda.” I said, smirking as I loosened my choker, finally able to get some air around my neck.
As we walked further away from the Ballroom, Cassidy turned to me, his face stern and dark as ever.
“When did you find out I was Cassidy?”
His voice was harsh and raspy sounding, desperate and his green eyes suddenly stabbing into my blue ones.
I had to step back whether this young man liked it or not. His eyes, his voice and even the way he smiled were different.
“Last night.” I replied, “You were…in your room last night, drinking; drunk. You told me you were Cassidy; Cassidy Cointvous.”
He groaned miserably, “And I told it to you? All of it?”
I knew he only told me about his name and being in Prodigy but if I told him I knew nothing major, he would just forget about it and let me off the hook. Normally, that’s what I would prefer to happen but since I’m already involved in some kind of mystery, its better I solve it too.
“Yes. You told me everything .” I lied.
Cassidy stood there shocked for a moment, his eyes closed and his head rested on his hand. He sunk back to the walls and slumped down to the ground. “Ebony, Ebony, Ebony ! Why did it have to be you ?!” he cried, looking up.
His green eyes were no longer green but a pale lime. His skin seemed as if he had just gotten a tan from sitting down. I couldn’t help but stare at the sudden changes that he had and the reaction. Judging it, the name changing issue seemed more serious than I thought.
“What do you know? What do you know ?!” he yelled.
“Yes I know! It’s my eyes right?! My ugly pale eyes?!” he continued to ramble on before glaring up at me, “What are you looking at?!”
“Cassid— Wait no, Cassius, what’s going on?” I asked puzzled, and quite often with a timid fear.
“You’re to be sent to Prodigy. No, you know too much to be sent there…” Cassidy’s eyes flickered as he desperately tugged at my sleeve, “You have to come with me.”
“Sure…you were meant to take me somewhere anyway…you promised me by your retarded father.” I muttered, yanking my sleeves free from the madman.
As soon as I was free, I was able to walk. Being able to walk, I was able to run and being able to run, I was able to arrive at the place Cassidy promised to take me to on behalf of his own business.
“Take a seat Ebony.”
I could hear his words yet I stood in solitude. “No thanks.”
“Alright, I’ll explain this all to you. But you must keep a promise okay? Dip your hands, feet, head and torso into the water, come out and jump into that fire.” he ordered.
I couldn’t believe my ears. My hands, feet, head and torso into fire?! That’s basically my whole body! No way. I thought but I jumped into the water anyway. Surprisingly, the water felt like room temperature. If it wasn’t for the sticky uncomfortable feeling of my dress plastered across my body, I wouldn’t have noticed I was neck deep in clear water.
“Are you telling me to consciously burn myself alive?” I chuckled to myself, mocking Cassidy though a fear still lingered inside me as if he was to attack me.
“You’re not burning yourself alive; you’re burning the crisp shell from outside away. Once you burn yourself, you’ll be able to see something else, only you can see. Oh and by the way, I don’t think I should call you Ebony anymore. Your name is Ivory.” said Cassidy, leaning back while closing his lime coloured eyes.
“That’s practically burning myself alive.” I said. I had noticed his temper had very quickly flattened down and was no longer filled with anger and spice. I took a glance over at the burning rainbow flames. It flicked red for a moment, and then faded to yellow, followed by green and finally blue.
“Step in whenever you like.” Cassidy mentioned even with is eyes closed as if he could see me even if I was furthest away from him.
Whenever I liked? Well then, that’d be never.
I looked at the blue flame and thought it was most safe to hop in when the blue was burning but then reconsidered this choice. Red flames are hot, blue flames are deathly. Yellow flames are just as bad as red and orange so I was left with green. Green seemed the safest on second thought.
I launched myself into the fire, bearing my eyes shut and as I could feel the tingling through my skin, I suddenly paused almost as if in time.
Why did he want me to jump in the fire? How could I have trusted him so easily? Yes, he disliked me knowing so much…so he must want to burn me alive! To get rid of me! Why that rascal…if I get back out alive, I’ll kill him! I’ll kill him and burn him and then make him my next meal. I’m not fond of cannibals but it’s worth the thought. I thought to myself.
Time seemed to pass as if I had been there for weeks but when I came out, the scenery had barely changed. Cassidy was still sitting with his head back and eyes closed, his skin still tanned.
The birds perched up high in the trees were still there making a lovely nest and the water was still rippling from when I came out of it.
“Back already?”
“Yes.” I mumbled, feeling no icky sticky feeling of wet clothing against my skin.
“Aren’t you going to feed on me? As you said in your thoughts?” Cassidy said, snorting slightly.
“What? Why would I do that?!” I lied, sitting opposite him under the gazebo.
“I heard all your thoughts you little liar. I heard every bit of it.” he said, sitting up and opening his eyes. I flinched slightly, still not used to his lime eyes and the ability to seem like he was cutting away my soul.
“How can you—?”
“I get asked that a lot from other Prodigies. Well, very rare Prodigies as most I do not need to bring them here to cleanse their image. You see, ever heard of science?” he asked smugly.
I rolled my eyes and looked away, resting my chin on my palm, “ Duh yes.
“Then you need to study more on it.” Cassidy frowned before placing both his feet on the sandstone table, “Hot air rises up and cold air condenses down . Your thoughts get carried up along with your reflection spirit, and then echo outward.”
“Oh right, are you trying to teach me logic ? I know everything about logic already.” I snapped, glaring at him, for once, returning the effect of his lime eyes.
“Hm, not bad. No wonder you are sent to prodigy. Now look at yourself in the water.”
“What? I’m just getting ordered around here? You expect me to look at myself in the form of an ugly scar across my face?!” I growled, standing up.
Cassidy moved his hand over his mouth as if to stifle his incoming laugh, “It’s not that bad. After all, a scar can’t look worse than eyes as pale green as mine and skin as tanned as this .” he said, implying to his own skin as he pointed at himself.
“I don’t need to be reminded of how awful my hair looks after straightening it every few hours when I was back on the other side. If there ever is another side anymore since I’m trapped here.” I stated, sitting down with a heavy sigh.
“Well, from the looks of it, I can tell you’ve been doing such wonderful time consuming things that I’d never waste to do. Just,” he grunted and leant forward, putting his weight on the table, “Just one look wouldn’t hurt. I mean, if you’re really that self-conscious about it, I’ll look at how ugly I am too.”
I couldn’t hold back the burst of laugh and I let it out for a few seconds. “Ugly? If I were to compare my scarred face to yours now, I’d say you look monstrous !”
It seemed as if that worked and Cassidy took it in as an insult. After all, his hair was hazel brown and his skin was tanned, and talk about piercing eyes . They were pale enough to be considered an eye without pupils.
Shutting up after the insult, Cassidy didn’t say a word which was what I had hoped for. His chattering of how much he knew started to bug me. “I’ll look anyway then, like you said, it can’t be that bad since…well, I’m pretty and shouldn’t be scared to see my own lovely face.” I said, gathering my self-esteem.
I stood over the water but didn’t look down. I was afraid to look. What if I looked today and not only were my eyes blue, my hair wavy and a scar across me cheek? What if my teeth grew into long fangs? What if my skin started to wrinkle and sag?
At the thought of the next horrid possibilities, I moved my finger across each of my teeth, making sure they were the average length and loosened myself up slightly. I peeked downward and noticed it wasn’t anything I expected at all.
What I saw in my reflection was so shocking; it was far more surprising than fangs and sagging prune skin.
It was my own self, from the other side; way back when my cheeks were perfect, my hair was straight (the way I loved it) and my eyes were ebony, just like my name.

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Well done. I've read all 4 chapters in one sitting. That's how much it kept me interested.
I'll be looking forward to your next update. ^_^
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In your Dreams
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YukiTsubaki wrote:

Well done. I've read all 4 chapters in one sitting. That's how much it kept me interested.
I'll be looking forward to your next update. ^_^

{{Arigato~ ^u^ It keeps me motivated to write more. I'll update as soon as possible }}
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