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Contagious - Chapter 1
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M / Somewhere on Earth?
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(( Um...I don't know what to do but I'd better post this or she will kill me ! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
This is my first time posting a long slab of text //shot
But I've been given instructions to make it look exactly the same way it was (;゙°´ω°´) I just have to bold the text and make it italic it right?! //kicked ))

Contagious - Chapter 18
When I left the meeting room, I had no idea where to go. I wasn’t sure where I was anyway.
That was until I felt a small poke at my arm. Spinning around I saw Baldy, looking at me, or I think he was looking at me with the blindfold on. “Um…yes?”
“Experiment 20-13, Mister G said you should go upstairs and you will find a corridor, a narrow one so you go through that okay? When you make it through you’ll go outside to this car do you understand?” he said to me.
“ a car?”
Baldy nodded and left, walking back down to another room and coming back out with beakers and strange potions. He seemed to be working once again. I gave a heavy sigh. I wasn’t ready for all this information. I couldn’t process it.
Lathens…thousands of years ago there was some…what was it again? Councillor? There was a guy named Everzia who had a twin. Everzia looked in a mirror and saw his other self from Earth. That’s where I come from right? I thought to myself, clearing my thoughts out, Right, yeah. And then he made an evil scroll…now that kinda makes more sense. And he swapped places? Or something like that to give the scroll to the Earth person. Everzia must be some mad criminal, doing this all for a stupid scroll.
I began to walk upstairs as instructed, words still running through my mind. And I am destined to save Lathens? Because Gardevoir has been doing this since his clan was assigned it from Everzia’s twin? What? This actually had nothing to do with me then. It’s Gardevoir’s problem.
“Slipping responsibilities to poor kids like me from Earth…” I muttered, going on my hands and knees to crawl through the narrow tunnel. “This ain’t a corridor, it’s a tunnel. What has Baldy been telling me? He’s probably brainwashed with Gardevoir’s stories too.”
Raj didn’t explain the rest to me after all. Hmph, only Gardevoir had been doing the explaining. Call him a worthy assistant? He’s just a vampire clone.
Before long, I was out of the tunnel and I poked my head out of the chute to take a look outside. Oh okay, it’s just a car. I glanced at the blue car, seeming to wait for me. The windows were dark and you couldn’t see inside. Dragging the rest of my body out, I stumbled over to the car and knocked on the window. “S’cuse me.”
The windows rolled down to reveal Kenneth Robyn sitting in the driver’s seat, seeming to smile at me. Beside him was Lylon, in the passenger’s seat. Kenneth seemed to gesture to the back so I nodded. Opening the back door I shrieked.
“Ivory!” Sergio leapt at me for a hug. Sometimes I don’t quite understand how we became friends. The first time we met he was telling me to be quiet in the dark room, now I guess we were sort of like best buds, having survived that dark cell.
“Ebony! You made it! Yes, I knew you’d make it!” Cassidy was beside Sergio, tugging at his shirt to move back and shuffle across to his side so I could fit in the car. “Move, shuffle. Ebony’s gotta sit.”
“She can sit on my lap?”
“No. Move over.” Cassidy glared at Sergio as I slid into the back seat, closing the door. I could see Lylon look at me through the mirror.
“All set?” he asked.
“Yes Lylon!” through all my excitement being able to reunite with all of them, I shouted a reply. Lylon smirked before he pointed forward, “Go Kenneth~!”
And the wheels turned, us speeding away from the strange triangle white building. It was partially clear and transparent, so I decided to ask what it was.
“It’s Gardevoir’s secret lab. It used to be a cemetery for vampires but he made sure nobody would come here so he went building atop of it.” Cassidy explained. My expression dropped and I shuddered.
“A cemetery? Really?”
“I’m serious…!” Cassidy glanced at me half chuckling, “I really am, it’s a cemetery. Cemetery Sang Noir, that’s what it’s called. Dark Blood, you know, French…”
“Gross. Ew, gross.” I squirmed in my seat, having to think about me walking and crawling in a building over a cemetery.
“Haha, gross is just the beginning…!”
“Keep quiet back there please~” Lylon’s voice rang over our laughter—and squeals of disgust.
I looked at him before nodding. I guess this was how I was. With people I trust and were familiar with, I was less arrogant, if some called me that. Then a question popped in my head, “Oh yeah, how did you—do you guys know each other?”
Cassidy shook his head. “I know that guy,” he pointed at Kenneth who looked into the mirror in response, “Knew him from the Cointvous Mansion. He’s about my age, teens, and he came out from the dorm so…but the rest not really. Sergio I know.”
Sergio nodded, “I’ve sniffed all of them, they’re all now my friends.”
The only response from Lylon was a small laugh. “I knew Kenneth since the day I arrived at Prodigy. I’ve seen Sergio around once or twice in the institute before and I’ve heard about Cassius. Well, Cassidy is pretending to be Cassius so I thought he was the real one.”
“Oh…now where are we going?”
They all looked at me except Kenneth who was driving, focused on the road.
“We’re going to get our weapons of course.” they all said in unison.
“Yeah, I want a nunchuck~” Sergio smiled and his wolf tail popped out, wagging back and forth.
“I’m choosing something like a pickaxe or something big and powerful.” Cassidy replied, clicking his tongue and swinging his arms in a chopping motion.
Lylon pointed to himself and Kenneth, “We’re going for stuff like swords.” he then turned his head back to look at me, “You seem to suit swords. But we need an assortment…and I can’t hold stuff so…maybe Kenneth should get a gun instead. And I’ll get…blowdarts? Something I can do without hands.” he turned back to the front.
“Okay. Are we really…going to battle?”
Sitting back I really couldn’t do anything about it. And suddenly, battling didn’t seem so bad. If Cassidy was up for it against his own father…why not?
Looking out the window as the car drove off, I wondered, maybe…if I was still on Earth, what would I be doing?
Meanwhile in Prodigy, Qiao and Raj were gathered by Gardevoir into a small room. “Qiao, my dear, I want you to keep the security up. I’m not saying we’re not good enough now with the rooms, I’m just saying now that even Sergio has been able to pass by that easily, our levels need to be raised.” he wheeled himself to the centre of the room. “I told Kenneth to drive to the Help Shop.”
“Help Shop? Isn’t that all the way out in a forest?” Qiao looked up at him.
“I think they would have built their store elsewhere by now. They couldn’t attract attention having a store in the middle of the woods. Jules should be there. Once they get their weapons we can start to lure Cointvous out.”
Raj scribbled down some notes before he tapped loudly on the edge of the clipboard with his pen, “Jules…with Elisa?”
“Yes, both of them run the Help Shop. I hope the five are smart enough to remember not only to buy weapons. Elisa can help them get a bag of health potions. I’m sure later on it will be needed. I am sure Cointvous has something up his sleeve if they start the revolution.” he replied to Raj.
Raj nodded before scribbling down notes again, Gardevoir watching quietly before he furrowed his brows. “I really don’t understand why Ebony thinks you’re a brat. You are diligent and quite the capable boy…” he mumbled before his attention was taken away by the door swinging open. Qiao stood up ready to protect Gardevoir of any danger but it was only her brother standing at the door.
“Tom, what is the matter?” Gardevoir asked, looking at him in the eye before setting his hands on his lap neatly folded.
“Gardevoir, some terrible news, I can’t…I can’t comprehend—this is a disaster…!”
“What is it brother?” Qiao asked impatiently as the man at the door tugged at his hair and became a drama queen for a moment.
“Tell us.” Gardevoir ordered and Tom took a breather before pulling a note from his pocket. “Look Sire. Look.”
Qiao took the letter, noticing Raj’s eyes staring at it and made her way over to Gardevoir. He took the letter in his thin hands and read it, “Gardevoir. You have been a liar. A liar. You have locked me in this prison for years. You have lied to my father. You have made an imposter to take over my spot, and nobody would believe I am the son of him. You are a despicable liar and I will be back. For revenge.”
There was a long moment of silence before Raj spoke up, “Him? The son of him?”
“Cointvous.” Tom answered Raj. “This letter was found in the room of Cassius. But the disaster doesn’t stop here…! Sire, Cassius has burnt a small tiny hole and shrunk his body size to escape. He can be tiny too! How do we stop him from leaving Prodigy? Our plans will be revealed if he reaches his father. We are doomed. Sire, you must think of something.” with that he almost toppled over fainting but scurried off to deal with investigations.
“Oh dear…what do we do now?” Qiao’s eyes showed a great deal of worry but Gardevoir placed his hand on hers, “There is nothing to worry about.” he said to reassure her but she shook her head.
“This is serious Master. If word goes round, our plan, it might be forced to cease.”
Gardevoir looked at Qiao seriously before patting her shoulder, “It’ll be alright.” he said but Raj was the only one who noticed him scrunch up the letter.

(( Did I do well? Yea did I?? (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ ) Yumeme I'm done~ :3 ))
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{{Oh yay~! You posted it! ^u^ You did well~ And Yumeme sounds weird... }}
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{{Actually this is too hard to handle so I shall just post myself-- Renn is on at the wrong time... }}

Contagious - Chapter 19
As the car slowed down to a halt, it was already dark and the trees outside seemed to stalk us in the night. There was of course a small light coming from behind some trees. When I looked carefully, I could see a faint outline of a small compact hut.
“Are we there yet?” Sergio whined. I could hear him slump in his chair.
“I think we’re actually there…right Lylon?” I replied.
“Yup~ That’s right~”
Sergio’s ears shot up, “We’re there, really? Finally? Alright, I’m first out the door then haha!”
“Keep quiet! Hey, don’t exit through my side, stop crawling all over me mutt!” I could hear Cassidy complain as Sergio darted off towards the light.
“I’ll meet you there Mr Slow Cassidy!”
“Urgh! I’ll get that kid!” Cassidy grunted, hopping out of the car and stretching before stumbling over to the back. “Did I not mention bringing luggage?”
“Luggage? You brought luggage?” I blinked unsure of what he was doing. We weren’t staying here overnight were we? It was such a cold and dark place, not to mention small.
“You never know.” he replied.
The engines stopped revving and as the headlights faded off, Kenneth and Lylon both approached us when they got out of their seats.
“All set?” Lylon pointed to the hut, “I think Sergio is already waiting~”
Kenneth nodded, jerking his head towards the source of light and walked off. It was only Lylon who patiently waited for Cassidy to finish unloading the cases. I wasn’t going to bother help lifting some out. I was too busy staring out at the night sky. From here, the sky was a deep blue and I could see the stars very clearly from the open spaces near the treetops.
“Beautiful isn’t it~?”
Lylon smiled, fixing his hat with his wrists. Literally. He didn’t use his hands but put his wrists on the rim of the hat before moving it about, adjusting it.
Cassidy heaved the last case out from the back before he slammed the door shut, locking the trunk. “Let’s go. It’s going to get darker each second, I’m afraid there might be night animals roaming around.”
As he said ‘night animals’ he attempted to look scary making his hands look like claws.
“You’re not scaring me Cassidy.” I chuckled, “That is not scary at all. Who cares if there are night animals?”
“I-I do…”
“Oh, well, then you’d better get to where Sergio and Kenneth are then, Lylon.”
Lylon nodded and ran off, his bandaged hands on his hat as his scarf seemed to flutter around in the wind. I walked forward, following after him before I heard Cassidy call.
“A little help please?”
Really…? He can’t carry all those cases? How did he bring them in the first place? I thought, turning around and shrugging. “Be quick…!”
“There’s too many at once.”
I raised an eyebrow, “Why did you bring so much? Seriously Cassidy.” I walked over, grabbed a suitcase and dragged it along with me, “I’m not taking the rest.”
Walking to the door, I gave it a rough kick since my hands were full lifting the heavy case. What does he put in here? Machinery? It’s so darn heavy…
I kicked again when there was no response. “Open up! Please.”
There was still no response and when I thought I could kick again, the door swung open. There was a pretty lady shorter than me by a few centimetres with blonde hair and lovely dark brown eyes at the door. “Please come in.” she said in a voice barely a whisper.
I hurried inside; one since the case was too heavy me to hold and two because I was rather glad to finally see a girl around here. All along I had been travelling with a bunch of ridiculous guys.
“Thank you Elisa~” Lylon whistled, stepping into the room. It was small but warm. I had never expected it to be nice and cosy.
“Are you here for weapons or potions?” Elisa asked, pulling a shawl over her shoulders as it grew chillier. “Jules is asleep at the moment, but he has prepared some weaponry for sale.”
Kenneth glanced around at the pictures hanging on the wall, not paying attention to her question so Lylon answered, “Weapons thank you.”
“Weapons, alright, please come this way.” she led Lylon into a crammed room with rifles, guns, machine guns, swords, katanas and even a chainsaw, “It’s very unusual for customers to come at this time of the night. Are you in a hurry?” she asked.
“Not really. But…we’d like to think so, the quicker it gets done the better.” Lylon smiled, walking over to examine some blades, “By any chance, do you have blowdarts?”
“Blowdarts? Why that’s…unusual…there are many swords here, wouldn’t you rather prefer those?”
“I like blowdarts more~ That’s why I asked.” he replied, not giving away anything about his hands. But when he reached for his diary, she seemed to notice the amount of bandages.
“Oh dear, are you quite an adventurer? You should pick up some potions on your way. It might even heal your hands.” she said.
Lylon looked alarmed, “No thank you!”
“Well, you do not have to but if you will be going on a big adventure you would need to have some health potions.” Elisa said then paused for a moment, “Are you a new customer?” How did you know my name? she thought.
“No, I’m sent by Gardevoir.”
“Gardevoir~ Oh, then you may have a 50% discount for anything you purchase!” she smiled kindly and slipped out the room where she bumped into me. “Oh sorry!”
“That’s alright, but I normally tell people to watch where they’re going.” I replied looking over to her.
Cassidy had dragged the cases up the porch and entered the room, finding his weapon immediately; a giant axe. “How much for this pretty woman?”
Elisa blinked at him rather awkwardly and he thought he had said something wrong before she point to the handle, “There’s a tag with the price sir…”
“Oh right, yeah thanks.” he felt rather stupid, turning away to hide back in the room again.
“Once you have picked your weapons, you can pay at the counter. Are you all sent by Gardevoir?”
We all nodded and she clasped her hands together in glee, “So you must be his lovely Prodigies aren’t you? The time has finally come~!”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“He’s been training you hasn’t he?” She got excited, walking up to the counter and propping herself up with her hands on her chin listening.
“Training…not exactly…”
“What has he been doing? He told me and Jules that his Prodigies would be the key to success and a new world~ Oh how I’ve waited for a new world. One not ruled by Cointvous…” she suddenly froze, eyes widened. “Oh my! Is that Cassius Cointvous?” she pointed to Cassidy in the weapons room.
“Oh, no, that’s Cassidy. Cassidy is from Earth but um…long story…he’s not Cassius. He’s only disguised as him.” I explained, scratching the back of my head.
“Oh…phew…” Elisa slumped on the counter. “The real Cassius would have cut my head off if I said something like that to his ears.”
“Tell me…is Sir Cointvous really that much of a bad ruler?”
“Oh yes, he is! He removed all mirrors just for his own insecurity. Gardevoir told me this; he’s a murderer! A thirsty murderer who wants power. Now I can’t even look in a mirror to tell whether my brooch is put on properly…and Jules laughs at me for that.” she sighed.
“I understand that…I can never tell if my hair is neat either.” I muttered. I quite liked this Elisa. She was young and pretty and didn’t seem much of a bad person either. “How long have you been here? In the woods?”
“It was my job to make potions here. Jules and I moved here together.” she giggled as she mentioned him and pointed upstairs, “He’s just sleeping now. If he was awake he’d be off making weapons again.”
“I see. You make potions and he makes weapons?”
“Yes, but tell me more about the Prodigies! Are you really going on a quest? Oh this is so exciting!”
I raised an eyebrow at her, “A quest? Is that what Gardevoir told you?”
“Yes, yes. A quest to destroy the scroll of Everzia.” Elisa smiled as she spoke.
“It’s not easy really, so…you can’t expect much from us…” I mumbled but I suddenly felt as though I was treated like a hero. If we succeed in destroying the scroll…we would be remembered forever in Lathens history… I thought.
“Bravery is the key to success!” Elisa jumped up, a fist pumped in the air before she suddenly looked down at the ground, “…well, this might sound really bad but…could you take me with you? To destroy the scroll?” she smiled a little before looking serious.
“Please? I’d really love to help you guys remove the scroll from Lathens…! It’s a dream! A once in a lifetime chance to make things right here, please let me do this…” she clasped her hands together, begging at me.
“…I…don’t approve of that but ask Cassidy.” I said, pointing at him. I’m sure he’ll say no. After all, he was never prepared to get this much of a big group. Elisa…I doubt she could do anything. Does she even have powers? Wait no-- abilities?
Elisa took me seriously and made her way over to Cassidy who was checking the prices of every weapon.
“Excuse me Cassidy, I’d like to ask you something serious…” Elisa began, her eyes fixed on him intently.
“Um, yes?” he didn’t look away from the weapons, taking them from the shelves and swinging them around.
“Could I join you guys on the quest? I mean…I know I can’t really do anything but I make health potions…! If any of you get hurt I can give you some and I could be a backup—but it’s okay if you say no because I’m prepared for that too…it’s just I really want to do this but it’s so rare to wait for such a chance and I—“
“You’re in.”
“Really? What really? You would allow me Cassidy?” Elisa gasped in disbelief.
“The more the merrier.” he replied and I stood gaping.
“Wait no—Cassidy, you can’t! She doesn’t even know what she’s getting into!” I clenched my fists. Why did he let her join? I have nothing against her but she wouldn’t be able to help. I was the one destined to save Lathens…! Gardevoir didn’t say anything about letting more people join.
“Ebony, you don’t know what we’re getting into. Believe me, Lathens is no party place like home. Lathens…has weird creatures roaming in unsafe lands…” Cassidy said, glancing at me, “She can do heaps, I mean potions are important. What if we do end up with an arm chopped off or something?”
“What that’s impossible! Gardevoir said there weren’t any monsters anymore!” I stared at him blank.
“He said there weren’t monsters anymore but he just meant the area where people live. Outside in unknown areas there are heaps of them!” he rolled his eyes.
Elisa seemed unsure now. She was happy with that look on her face but she must have felt bad for causing this small argument, “You know if you two…well, I could just…”
“…forget it. If you’re coming along there’s no backing out.” I sighed before muttering, “Potions or two…hmph.”
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Contagious - Chapter 20
Gathering our weapons, Cassidy ended up with a harpoon, Lylon with blowdarts, Kenneth with guns, Sergio turned to the handy gadgets like little smoke bombs and I was handed the sword.
Elisa thought of something and decided to grab something useful, apparently something very heavy; a giant axe. I was surprised Cassidy didn’t whine about not getting an axe and choosing a harpoon. I don’t even know why he chose that. We weren’t hunting whales after all.
Elisa directed us to the back where there were a few spare rooms. I sighed. I can’t believe it’s back in a room again… I thought. After all, I had gotten used to the free sort of life, not put in any rooms like in Prodigy, even if it was for our good.
“This is where you’ll have to stay the night I’m afraid…” Elisa whispered as she drew nearer to the doors, “Jules and I will be in there so if you need anything you are welcome to seek from us.”
“Perfect.” Cassidy clapped his hands together, “About time we get some sleep.”
Sergio simply rushed to open the door, slip inside and plunged at the bed, “Hahaha! I take this!”
Kenneth didn’t mind Sergio as much as Cassidy who threw his luggage in roughly. He just smiled at Elisa, once again silent and Lylon did the same.
“Alright guys~ And girls~ We’ll need plenty of sleep~!” Lylon exclaimed once I had entered the room, being last. “We will be up at approximately 4am so…I would say sleep time is now!”
“What?” I groaned, “I’m not sleeping here…”
“Why not? Its comfy~” Sergio replied, rolling around on the bed. He was whacked by Cassidy and sat up rubbing his head.
A gave him a blank look, “All men, out.” I said, pointing to the door. There must have been a fierce look from my eyes because they all went silent.
“Aww man, come on, we can’t all move out.” Cassidy looked upset. “Like…there’s too many of us to sacrifice one room.”
I glared at him, almost the same way as when I first appeared at the Cointvous Mansion, having a great hatred for the area.
“Don’t get mad, I’m just saying there must be an alternate way?”
“You can turn male too?” Sergio suggested.
“NO WAY.” I crossed my arms, “I will repeat myself—” but I was cut off by a faint sound of a knock.
“Excuse me?” a soft voice was heard from the other side of the door.
“Come in~!” Sergio yelled at the door.
Half-expecting someone safe coming in, as there were plenty of apocalyptic stories about zombies one night, I was glad it was only Elisa.
“I’m sorry, am I bothering you in your sleep?” she whispered.
“No, I can’t get any sleep anyway.” I muttered.
“Why is that?” Elisa looked at the bed which was by now crowded by three people; Sergio, Cassidy and Lylon. Kenneth was just lying on the ground.
“Miss Elisa, I can’t sleep in an area with…” I rolled my eyes towards the bunch of them.
“Oh, well Jules and I always do that. It’ll be fine but if you insist, you can share a room with me.” she said and gave a warm smile.
“Highly appreciated, thank you.” I grabbed my things which wasn’t much, dragged the sword over to the designated room and swung open the door. It was very dusty inside.
“Uh…how long has it been since you cleaned this place?”
“About a year, or so.” Elisa chirped. She switched on the lights revealing that everything was covered in cloths so there wasn’t dust at all. “Here’s the bed. We can bunk together right?”
“I’m taking the top.” pointing at the space above, I clambered up before throwing my boots down.
“I never knew you wear boots.” Elisa commented.
“Well, yeah. Not noticeable stuff under all these layers.” I muttered, picking up the ends of my dress and swinging it around.
“You don’t like those dresses?”
I scoffed, “Who would? They’re long, unfashionable and very hot to be in. I hate it. Why couldn’t I go back to the days in hoodies and jeans?”
“Hoodies and….genes?” Elisa paused, stopping herself from lighting up the extra candles for light.
“Why would you wear genes?”
“Why wouldn’t you wear jeans?”
Elisa looked at me puzzled after I asked her, “Genes…you can’t wear them.”
That made me furrow my brows, “Why can’t you wear jeans? I wear them all the time.” I raised an eyebrow at her thinking she was a weirdo. She was most likely anyway, after all who would volunteer to get involved in some dangerous journey?
“But…they’re inside you. Genes prove your identity.”
“Oh, psh. Elisa, you’ve got it wrong. Haven’t you ever heard of jeans before? They’re a sort of pants…well like, denim stuff.” I explained.
The confused look on her answered my question, “Okay, you probably don’t even know what denim is.”
Elisa nodded, a faint smile appearing, “Well, I can give you some of Jules washed trousers if you would like. I’m sure they would be more comfortable. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to wear dresses either.”
“Then you shouldn’t. Just take Jules’ pants then. I’m sure you two have quite a close relationship.” I lay back, looking up at the ceiling. “You were born in Lathens right? I’m from Earth. You probably don’t know that on Earth females can wear pants and stuff.” I abruptly sat up, “It’s different.”
“Mn…I can tell that,” lighting the final candle she blew out the match, tossed it into the garbage bin and got prepared below me, “Goodnight Ebony. You can sleep now right?”
“Hm. Yes. Goodnight and thank you.”
We fell asleep for who knows how long. We didn’t know how fast we fell asleep either. I just knew waking up, I was happy and full of energy just like the others. “Let’s go and find that scroll. It’s with Mr Cointvous right? Well that’s fine, I hated him anyway.”
“Goodmorning Ebony. You seem pumped up for some adventure~” Elisa said, punching the air rather weak and pathetically.
“Yes. Are the others awake?”
“They’ve all finished breakfast and are training to use their weapons with Jules.”
“Woah, so Jules is awake too?” I began to wonder what he would look like.
“Yes, please come downstairs.” she said with a smile. I noticed she had already gotten dressed into a fresh change of clothes. I glanced at my dress. It look pretty worn out by now. Yuck…this is so not fashionable. If my friends from Earth see me like this…kill me.
“I will. I’m coming.” I replied with a sigh, climbing down. That’s when I noticed a pile of neatly folded clothes. They had a label written in fancy handwriting: ‘To Ebony’.
Hold the clothes out, it turned out to be a pair of trousers and a new change of clothes. “Nice…”
I put them on, ignoring the fact that on one side of the trouser leg there were the words ‘Jules’ printed on them. I was just glad I got pants back in replacement of jeans.
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{{Gee, I haven't been writing for a while OTL I'm getting a bit busy though~ Even in the holidays~ I'll get the next chapter running-- *scurries over to documents* Won't be too long~! Gomen~}}
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