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cud u tell me wat u think plz hehe ma first chapter this is just to c if anyone likes it if so then ill post it fanfic! thanx ur a big help!!

This couldn’t be good. I dropped dropped my duster m duster and made my way along the landing in a rush. As I stumbled downstairs I went through all the possibilities of fuel to my mothers anger. I found… none.
I was so caught up in thinking that I missed my footing and fell head first down the rest of the stairs.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Never in all m years would I of thought that I would end you with a daughter such as you! You clumsy, undeserving ungrateful girl! After all I’ve done for you!”

After gaining balance from my previous state I looked into the eyes of the once most loving and kind person I`d ever met. The person I used to think actually cared about me but that all ended after Dad died. She had cried at das on end. Until she didn’t have a tears left to cry. Instead she started to lock away ay emotions threatening to show until she went hard. Emotionless. Heartless.

The shock of dad’s death turned from shock to sadness knowing he was never coming back. Then to anger that he’d left us that anger was turned out on me. Not in that way she didn’t abuse constantly.

I had a younger sister; Ami. Ami was too young to understand everything. All she new was that dad had gone far away n couldn’t come back. But that wasn’t enough she’d kept pestering mother.
Continuously asking when dad was going to come home. It wrenched my heart yet at the same time it frustrated me when she asked that same question and made that same clueless and innocent face. When was she going to get it was all I thought. I didn’t think about stopping her till it was too late. She was constantly reminding her of dads death and the fact that he was gone. Never coming back. Until she finally cracked. I guess she couldn’t take it anymore. Next thing I knew mother had gone ballistic and was packing ami`s cloths and putting her up for adoption and there was nothing I could do about it.
Ever since she’s been using me as a maid, a slave even. I do what I do to keep her sanity in place. If I didn’t go with it who knows what she’ll do. If she’s capable of putting her own daughter up for adoption let alone the youngest just for asking questions them she’ll do more to me.

If only there was someone to talk to someone who understood me and someone could trust.
I wouldn`t be alone.

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