The Original .hack Series or .hack//G.U. series
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Posted 12/30/12 , edited 12/30/12
I am a big .Hack fan since I watched the original series back in the day when it was still on Toonami around 2002 I do believe...When I was in second grade in elementary. What Series was the best?

The Original .Hack series plot line was around "The World ver 1"

Which followed a Protagonist named Kite who is in search answers surrounding the game "The World" in order to awaken the coma victims.
Thoughout my experience playing this version, It made me grow a connection to each and every character, "espically Blackrose"

The G.U. Series plot line was around "The World ver 2

Which Followed a Protagonist named Haseo who is in search of a PK named Tri-Edge.
Throught my experience playing this version, I really didn't like it, The only character I had feelings for were Atoli but Haseo was a real, self-centered Jacka**.

My thoughts are that the Original Series was supperior than the G.U series.
If your a .Hack fan, What are your thoughts Original or G.U.
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