The SAO War: Fans Versus Haters
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Posted 12/30/12 , edited 12/30/12

Since the show has ended and everyone have concluded in their minds of how they think about it, it's time to create this topic. Sword Art Online is talked about a lot and a lot of flame wars happen about it being dreadfully horrible or not. So in this forum topic, keep your argument here.

So here's how this anime discussion works. It's the fans versus the haters. Both are welcome in this forum. Tell us why you think the show is good or bad, then start quoting the crap out of each other. Simple.

Just to clarify the rules here.
1. Keep spoilers in the spoiler button.
2. Don't be too off topic and suddenly talk about a whole different anime. This is about Sword Art Online.
3. The haters are always right.

Let the war....BEGIN!

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