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Welcome to the floating miracle in the sky we call Avis.
I am Chancellor Berrin, head of this floating Island that I
and my citizens call home. If you wish to live here under
my law, you must know of my law. I have laid them out and
changed the wording a bit to apply to your situation:

How To Use Magic:

Magerian magic is performed by using energy harnessed through the talismans and then channeled out using gestures. A master of a type of magic might be able to do low level spells using just thought, though this is rare. After extended use, the talismans will run out of energy, but through practice magicians will be able to use less magic for the same spells. Talismans will eventually recharge, but it will take some time.

1. No Godmoding. All abilities and powers have a weakness. Give people time to react to your moves, and take into account the amount of damage you receive into a fight. You don’t have the energy to use spells all day long, especially large ones. A good rule of thumb is keep it between 4-6 spells a fight when you first start.Take fatigue into account when fighting or performing or whatever. No “Vampiric Bankai Super Saiyan 9-Tailed Sage Megazord Rinnengan level 3 X-Factor SoPowerfulzors”
2. You can have up to four characters for right now. If we see you being active with all of them and you want another couple, we’ll probably let you. Also you can't have an overwhelmingly high amount of characters to which the RP is somewhat dependent on your posts.
3. You can’t be one of the people who originally floated into the sky with the island. It’s been 170+ years and they are all dead. No if's, and's, or but's
4. You can't kill other people’s characters without permission from the person playing that character.
5. Please let us know if you will be inactive for a long period of time. Just so we know you have a reason why you aren't active anymore.
6. Try to balance your characters’ powers. Don't have all of them be super strong. Balance it out. Some strong, some weaker. You can’t just have a large number of all-powerful magicians and the world’s best gunslinger. This keeps the power balance between people fairly equal.
7. This RP is going to be rated R. This is not a porno, and this is not a gore fest. You guys know what’s too far, just due to there being people 12-14 years old on this page who might not appreciate it.
8. Respect other people in the group. Be kind, friendly, and courteous. This ain’t a drama house where we settle your drama. If you and another RPer aren’t getting a long, well settle it outside of this group through PMs or however you choose to communicate. However if you are being harassed, please let one of the officers or myself know with proof and we will see what we can do to help remedy the situation.
9. One lining is not forbidden, but we do ask that you try to write with some detail and aim for at least half of what the other person wrote to you. This isn’t so much a rule as a stern suggestion, but just be courteous and conscious of the work your fellow RPers put into their posts.
10. If your browser does check the spelling of your words (besides obviously foreign or made up words) please listen to it. If it doesn’t, try to spell clearly and use proper grammar. DO NOT use L33T speak please. This distracts from the experience and is fairly obnoxious.
11. EVERYBUDDY STARTS FRESH. Your first character might have dabbled in magic a bit or might know a few spells, but nobody starts as a master/teacher unless you went through the application process and were accepted. Otherwise, everybody's first character starts at a similar level to help keep things balanced.
12. Most importantly have fun! This group was made to have fun. Your imagination is the limit for most of the magic abilities, and I’d like to see where you guys take this place to!

The repeated breaking of these rules will result in case by case punishments/warnings. The officers and myself will administer warnings and bans at our discretion. Being an active citizen who contributes regularly may earn you leniency if you happen to break a rule. Don't worry though, we aren't gonna just jump in and be like "RULE #7 was violated. BANNED." You'd have to have multiple incidents or have a large number of complaints filed against you. I want this group to thrive, not to shrink. It's in my best interests to KEEP people, not ban them.

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