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When planning which land to raise up into the sky, the original 6 Magerian and a designated group of people decided that raising only the city would not be enough. So a large stretch of farmland, forest, and suburbia was raised into the sky along with the city allowing for farming and expansion to take place. Although society has learned to build taller instead of wider, the space is still there for expansion. There are 2 farms that grow most of the vegetables that were on Earth, although growing them at the higher elevation is a challenge. There is also a small forest where a small amount of animal wildlife is preserved.

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Zenon had his mind drifting to the heavens as he walks without a path in mind. This was one of the few times that he was allowed to go outside so he decided to spend it wandering and going to the greener part of the whole land of Avis. He walked and walked and without realizing it, he had reached a place with no humans. The animals were staring at him as if in awe.
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