Masters of the World
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Posted 1/1/13 , edited 1/1/13
This comes out next week

I can't wait, it is a fairly unheard of game, I've played all the games in the series so far, Masters Of The World will be the third...

The basic is, you pick a country, pretty much any country that exists around the world today (besides *sadly* a few tiny countries that has a population of less then 50k) Once you picked your country you well, run it... cough...

The laws, and tax system is pretty much as it is today for each country, but from the moment you take control you can change all of theses... Unless you're in a country with a parliament, at which point you have to get any new taxes, laws, ext approved through the senate.

Personally when I run such countries such as my own (Australia) I work to remove parliament power all together... In this way I can then change laws, taxes and such as I want with out and hindrance (besides mass protests).

To get rid of parliament I normally must, bribe, assassinate, and the like, so that the members of parliament pass the law, removing their power....

I once turned Australia in to a total totalitarian state.. It lasted aprox 12 months, before the country broke up in to rebelling states.

I also turned North Korea in to a democratic country with more freedoms and rights then any other country, good fun.
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Posted 1/16/13 , edited 1/16/13
I can't say I have heard of the game. When I read the title, I thought you were just referring to our shared title of PC Gamer Master Race.

Still, I occasionally will play these sorts of titles. I seem to enjoy them more when more and more specific levels of organization are offered, too!
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Posted 6/16/13 , edited 6/16/13
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