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Posted 1/1/13 , edited 1/1/13
So I originally posted this game in an awesome group called CHILLIN HAWTIES!
I came up with this idea a long time ago and now here it is!

The Game : The first person will post a pair and then the second person will think or post how they look like (ex. Cute, Sexy Pair etc. Anything you want), and after that the second user is going to break them up and make another pair.

But you need to use one of the two persons below to make another pair.

User 1 : Jonghyun and Key

User 2 : Cute couple, but Key got jealous because Jonghyun kissed Taemin <3
(Taemin & Minho)

User 3 : A perfect couple but Taemin fell inlove with Jonghyun because of the kiss
(Donghae & Taemin)

User 4 : Senior Junior Couple Love them, but Donghae looks better with me.
(Donghae & Gikwang)

User 5 : Un-Cute Couple! Donghae belongs to Eunhyuk not Gikwang !
(Gikwang & Hyunseung)

So Let's start the game. And I'll go first!

Kyuhyun [Super Junior] and Victoria [f(x)]

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