Guardians Of Middle Earth
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Posted 1/1/13 , edited 1/2/13
New Game Is just outstanding Idk if anyone else has heard of this game me and my buddies are trying to get a clan together To do boosting weekdays Tuesdays and Thursdays If anyone needs help strategist with this game or have any info they'd wanna share lemme know. Im part of the GOME Forums as well but figured Id talk with my fellow Anime Fans about the game its really fun kinda like league of Legends.
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Posted 1/2/13 , edited 1/2/13
This is a very casual site here on CR, as you may have noticed there seems to be no forum for Clan/Club Recruitment.

This kinda disappointing for me, but it's a site focused at Anime first after all. That's okay though, I'm here for the Anime anyhow.

Anyway, yeah I'm an avid gamer first. I play Gaurdians of Mid-Earth or GOME,

Unfortunately, I run my own Clan or should I say Club, which I created. So I'm uninterested in joining your group or playing against them in a Clan Match.

However if you'd like, I'd be personally interested in playing some matches w/you or anyone else whom owns the game.

Kinda takes forever to get into a match w/players.

Also, GOME is a RTS Tower Defense Type game and so is League of Legends I guess. I dont know about LL since I dont play it and has a heavy association with MLG which I've no interest in at all. So naturally I've no interest in LL.

Wiki for GOME:

Wiki for LL:
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beyond space!
Posted 2/24/13 , edited 2/25/13
Oh just notice after searching but I play on the PS3 too bad.
This game overall has too many disconnects & rage quitters >.<
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Posted 5/8/13 , edited 5/8/13
Anyone up to play some guardians? (:
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 11/9/13 , edited 11/10/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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