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Posted 1/2/13 , edited 1/3/13
Request Graphics

Welcome to requesting forum
When you request please follow the rules and be nice to others.
If you want a mod to fix something just PM them or just tell them in the forum.


●Be patient to the mods, they're not as active as you think
●Fill in the forum out correctly
●Don't be picky about what mod you want to do your request
●Pick out big and HQ pictures that don't have words on them
●Use the graphics we make for at least 5 hours or more
●Please quote this post
●Put -Simply Us- somewhere in your post so we know you read the rules
●One request at a time
We Offer


Type of Gfx:
Text on Gfx:
Payment (Membership cards or upload pics under payment) *Membership Cards are coming soon* :
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