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Status cards are color customizable. Just ask FaitalSkai what color u want and he'll add it. Also, you can only make one after char. creation. Status cards are like your IDs. If you join any of my RPs, you can just show me your status card and I'll accept you right away! Also, if you can, place these inside your profile. All credit goes to Wajinshu for the original idea!

You need to fill another form. Sowwy!

Everything IS required.

Name :: Your RP character's name.
Age :: Your RP character's age
D.O.B :: Date of Birth
Personality :: What your character is like
Bio. :: Does your character have a back story? Or TBR?
Appearance :: What you character looks like.
Gender :: Figure this one out.
Preferances :: What your character prefers [defensive;offensive]
Hobbies :: What your character does for fun
Status :: Single?
W.O.C. :: Weapon of choice (not required)

More info about your character ^ ^ :: Please put some decent info in here, there's a large space we need to clear up xD

Oh and a picture ::
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Name : Chie
Age : 18
D.O.B : 08.08.1994
Personality : quiet and shy at first but once you get to know her she is a kind friendly person who is loyal. She loves to laugh and is extremely intelligent but keeps her brains a secret until needed.
Bio. : TBR
Appearance : tall and slim, with shortish brown hair and brown eyes, a bit of a tom boy
Gender : Female
Preferances : anything :D
Hobbies : Martial arts, Reading, Playing the keyboard , research
Status :: Single atm
W.O.C. : N/A
More info: Chie used to be part of a secret intelligence team working for the government. She is extremely skilled in all areas of research , combat training and disguise. However she has now left that life behind her. She has a childhood friend called Daiki who she regularly visits. She seems to have more male friends than female friends but that doesn't bother her. She loves reading books and playing her keyboard when she has free time. She also loves animals and Dogs and rabbits are her favorite.

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Name :: Ai Himicharo
Age :: 17
D.O.B :: 10.17.1995
Personality :: shy, quiet, helpful, secretive
Bio. :: TBR
Appearance :: Waist length white hair and pink eyes. 5' 1 and a petite yet athletic build.
Gender :: female
Preferances :: defensive
Hobbies :: Drawing, writing,sports, medical care, and singing.
Status :: single ATM
W.O.C. :: slingshot
More info about your character ^ ^ :: Ai is very protective over anything that's hers because she's used to have things being taken away from her. She doesn't get very attached to things or people. During her free time she writes songs and sings them only when she's alone. Ai plays the guitar and plays very well. Is she ever sings in front of you that means you're special to her.

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Name - Haruka Kyoyama

Age - 18

D.O.B - 05.16.1994

Personality - Haruka is a Quiet, Shy, Charming, And smart guy but when it comes to stressful situations he is not that great. He will not usually talk to people new so if your going to meet him you would have to find him first. But if you do he a nice person.

Bio - TBR

Appearance - Haruka looks a little different from normal people you would meet. He's around 5"9 and slim with messy, short brown hair, and dresses a bit to fancy sometimes.

Gender - Male

Preferences - [ defensive ;offensive]

Hobbies - Wood carving, being up high (in/on roofs or trees)

Status - Single (But In love)

W.O.C - A bowie knife.

More info - Haruka was abandon at birth with his little sister that died in a car accident. He is very shy when talking to new people but when he has his knife Haruka is a little more confident. Haruka does not have that many friends and feels like he is alone in this world. He is still a very nice guy when you get to know him. He likes anything that is relaxing. The type of girl Haruka likes is any Girl that is a little clumsy, shy, kind, smart, sweet, and cute.

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Name :: Koyami
Age :: 16
D.O.B :: 1.7.1996
Personality :: Shes very outgoing and straitforward. Shes never lied to others but she has a bad habbit of lying to herself. she has an unapproachable aura and keeps important matters to herself.
Bio. :: TBR
Appearance :: 4'9 and slim. Always wears dark clothes and always is dragging around long chains bound to her wrists that she can put electric currents through
Gender :: Female
Preferances :: defensive
Hobbies :: Messing with electric technology, human interaction, being in high places
Status :: Single
W.O.C. :: electric chains
More info about your character ^ ^ :: Koyami is easily confused but pretends that she understands. She can generate endless amounts of electricity and can cancel out any electric current with her own. Her electricity can be used to temporarily infuse broken bones until they heal. A large exposure to water temporarily freezes her powers and she is terrified of swimming or taking baths. Showers do not effect her powers.
picture ::
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