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Once upon a time ago there was a hero who saved the whole earth from the evil king from the Cockment galaxy. His name was Ghost kun. No one knew what he looked like or never
even acknowledged his presence, except for his traveling companions he has met throughout his journey. Lets stop there and look back 100 years ago. Ghost kun wasn't always
a ghost no... He was a working man fresh out of school who loved fighting and peeping at women every chance he could get. Yes Ghost Kun was a bright young fellow who lived
life to it's fullest. Then one day Ghost kun slipped and fell onto his head on a rock after peeping over the wall at his local hotspring. How devistated his family and friends
were. They were so saddened by the one who loved life and lived it to the fullest had died. Just then before Ghost kun died his life flashed before his eyes and he saw what
many people would kill to know. Yes the meaning of life, he found out what the meaning of why everyone exsisted on earth.

Over 4 billion years ago a man 10 feet tall that resembled a human came to earth on his kings orders from the Cockment galaxy to create a life form on earth that can mate and
populate the earth. That he did he created two lifeforms a man and a woman that which are called humans today in this world. The king created the humans so that he could feast
on them in 5 billion years when earth is fully populated with humans. This is the true meaning of life.

Present time one year before 5 billion years has passed. Ghost kun lost all his memories even the true meaning of life. He does not even know he was once a human. But there
is one memory he did not forget, and that is how much of a pervert he was. This is the story of Ghost kun and how he overcame the challenges that awaited him and how he saved
the earth from the evil king Cockment.

Ghost kun cannot be seen nor heard, touched nor senced. Ghost kun begins his travels, traveling across the globe peeping at women wherever he goes. One day ghost kun saw the
most beautiful pair of tits he has ever seen. Yes he said, you are the one... the one I will have sex with. But no matter how hard ghost kun tried he could not get her attention.
He did not even know her name. Ghost kun followed her night and day and slept next to her without her ever knowing... Ghost kun had it... Ghost kun flipped out and went berserk
and just then he remembered the true meaning of life. "yes... yes.. it's all coming back to me now... I have to do something about this!" Ten days remained until 5 billion
years have passed on earth. Don't worry my love i'll be back for you... yes... you may not know who I am nor the love I have for you... but I swear when I save this earth
I'm gonna defy this ghost form and make my self come visible just to tell you how much I love you. Good bye for now my love...

Nine days before evil king Cockment comes to earth to eat the humans. Ghost kun trains heavily for the next nine days until he is ready to face the king. nine days later...
Humans are panicing town after town humans are getting eaten. Ghost kun appears and fights the king head on with his intense training he went through. Ghost kun has learnt
how to turn himself visible for a short amount of time and is able to feel, touch, smell, sence, and taste. This is it for you king Cockment.. Prepare for my final move...
Ghost Punch x10! A deadly ten punch combo fit for only true heroes. Ghost kun had prevailed and saved the earth from the meaning of life that only he had known about.

Ghost kun traveled back to his loved one and used the remaining bit of his power to turn visible to confess his love for her. "what is your name my love?" "Asuka.. Asuka Yui."
Asuka... Yui... huh.... Well Asuka Yui I love you. I've been watching over you for a very long time. Will you let me watch over you some more? *Asuka breaks down in tears...*
You really love me? I've never been loved before.. *sniff sniff* Yes I love you with every ounce of energy I have left... What is your name... Ghost... kuuuuuu. *Asuka breaks
down* what happened!?!? what's happening to you! I guess... it's time for me to go... don't worry It was only a short while but it felt like I've loved you for over a thousand
years... I've used up all my energy beating the king who created us... What do you mean created us...hold my hand Asuka.. I will show you what I have seen and done... This is
the meaning of life. *asuka is left speechless in a traumatized state* Now that you have seen please do not forget me Asuka..... GHOST KUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

200 years has passed and Ghost kun's legend is still told to this day... The hero who saved the earth from the meaning of life. And wrote a new meaning... to live life to
your fullest and love everyone as much as yourself.



Posted 1/4/13 , edited 1/5/13
I can't read, but I found all the patterns and shapes to be really pretty.
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Posted 1/4/13 , edited 1/5/13
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