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Posted 1/5/13 , edited 8/3/13
Please read these first BEFORE making a character

1. Please always follow the rules. -Duh xP-

2. Don't RP when your character isn't approved by the creator or a mod. Tell us if you've completed your character and we haven't noticed, but please be patient as I will be checking the Creation Thread to make sure I haven't missed anything.

3. Please for the love of all things turtle.... DON'T god-mod, as god-modding will result in being banned.

4. Keep it PG-13 please. If it NEEDS to be done, then take it to PM.

5. If you're in a fight, and your character "kills" another, please make sure that is fine with the character's owner.

6. Be Active! It's irritating to have some characters filling up the Creation Thread when they are never used >~< But if you are on Hiatus, please contact one of the mods or me so we know.

7. If your character is being included in a role play in one place (Ex. Hiseki City), please don't start using that character somewhere else! Unless that role play has ended, or that person hasn't answered in a long time.

8. If you're character is described as evil, or nice, and you have the complete opposite when you role play with them, please change it! You MUST have your character as you have described.

9. If two people are role playing, please ask if you can join BEFORE joining. We had issues with this last time.

10. And the last rule~ Please JUST HAVE FUN! ^-^

More rules will be added over time...
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