Anyone Buying Anarchy Reigns?
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M / Oakland, CA
Posted 1/5/13 , edited 1/6/13
So Anarchy Reigns (finally) comes out on Tuesday. It looks like a pretty awesome multiplayer brawler from Platinum games (Bayonetta, Vanquish) and has characters from the amazing Wii game Madworld. It has 16 player online modes which it was built for, but as with most niche Japanese titles I'm sure the amount of people will be scarce. Anyone else plan on picking this up?
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Posted 1/6/13 , edited 1/6/13
It looks interesting plus it's made by platinum so I may pick it up, but I'll probably read some reviews first
Posted 1/16/13 , edited 1/16/13
Its the best game I've bought in a long time
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Posted 1/18/13 , edited 1/18/13
I picked it up after hearing all the great thing about it
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Posted 6/19/13 , edited 6/19/13
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