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Note that this is NOT intended to be a discussion on the validity of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I have my doubts on the theory, but nonetheless, I find it fun to discuss and think about. So with that said, I'll move on to the topic.

I had forgotten about MBTI for a good 2-3 years, but after the recent topic on personality -- -- I went on a bit of a research binge on MBTI, and got a little re-interested in figuring out types for some of my favorite characters. Given the significant popularity of MBTI, I thought it might be a topic that people are relatively knowledgeable about, so here I am. You can name a few of your favorite characters, and give your reasons, or just give a laundry list. Or maybe you want to type all the characters from a particular series. Whatever you want is cool -- the goal is just to give your opinion on the character's personality type. Of course, arguing is expected.

I may post more later, but here are the first ones that come to mind, and note that I tend to relate more to the TP characters, so there will probably be more of them:

Okabe Rintarou -- ESFP, I could see ESTP
Makise Kurisu -- INTP
Lelouch Lamperouge -- INTJ
Araragi Koyomi -- ESFP or ESTP
Hitagi Senjougahara -- ISTP, or maybe INTP
Emiya Kiritsugu -- INTJ, I could see INTP
Sagara Sousuke -- ESTJ
Furukawa Nagisa -- INFP
Okazaki Tomoya -- ESTP
Suzumiya Haruhi -- ESTP
Kyon -- ISTJ/ISTP, I find him difficult to type -- I could even see F for him.
Holo -- INTP
Kraft Lawrence -- ESTP
Edward Elric -- ENTP, and I could totally see F, although I still think T fits better.
Alphonse Elric -- INFP/INFJ
Itoshiki Nozomu (Zetsubou Sensei) -- ESTJ/ESTP
Ginko (Mushi-shi) -- INTP
Spike Spiegel -- ISTP, but I'm not entirely convinced.
Watashi (Humanity has Declined) -- INTP

Gintama has a huge cast of interesting characters, and I am unshamefully biased toward it, so I'll give it it's own section:

Shimura Shinpachi -- ESFJ
Kagura -- ESFP
Kotaro Katsura -- INFP/INFJ
Shimura Otae -- ENFJ/ESFJ
Hasegawa -- ENTP/INTP
Isao Kondo -- ENFP
Toshiro Hijikata -- ESTJ
Okita Sogo -- ISTP
Tsukuyo -- ISTJ
Sakata Gintoki -- INTP (I have never seen a character so hard to type as Gin-san. If anyone wants, I would love to argue it, but this is a pretty long opening post as it is, for a topic that may not even get many replies, so I'll leave it at that.)
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apparently I share personalities with Kiritsugu and Lelouch. I don't know if I should be happy or not.
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I agree. Gintoki is currently an INTP but was born an ESFJ.
He grew up in war and stress so his personality changed into
it's "shadow" self. That's what I believe.
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Look at all these possible INTP's:
Makise Kurisu
Hitagi Senjougahara
Emiya Kiritsugu
Sakata Gintoki

I don't often think I'm awesome, but if I share personality types with Gintoki... I will not question the wisdom of this test. Also, I really want to see Fate/Zero now.

Actually, I'm a bit surprised that Holo and Senjougahara cross over with my type. I could never really tell exactly what they were thinking in any given situation. Perhaps that's how I come off to others.
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