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Posted 1/6/13 , edited 1/6/13
What is this anime a spinoff from?
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It's a Spin off from a series called Zettai Karen: Children, about three 10 year old girls who happen to be the most powerful espers in Japan.

Hyobu is kind of a Villain/Anti-Hero/Foil in that series

Basically you have a world where Espers are becoming more and more common. Some governments are working towards peaceful integration of Espers and normals while others are more like what we saw in the first episode of Unlimited, seeing Espers as something to be experimented with and abused..

Zettai Karen is about those who are fighting for a peaceful world where both sides can come together.

Hyobu doesn't believe that. His own past experiences have shown him that normal humans can't be trusted and will betray and abuse Espers out of fear and hatred. So he created PANDRA to protect Espers from humans.

Hyobu has been around a long time and seen a lot, he is also working to a game plan based on the predictions of a very powerful pair of precogs so he has wide view of possible outcomes to events.

Basically he's Magneto and the Children are the X-men.

Other points in this world are

The Normal People: a Terrorist organization who believe that all Espers should be exterminated as dangerous monsters
Black Phantom: A criminal organization that uses Brainwashed Espers for crimes and assassination

and of course there is this lovely lady who I certainly hope gets an appearance in Unlimited
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