Summer's Edge - The Backstory
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Summer’s Edge

I’ve seen way too many deaths in my lifetime to count. And all of them were on this wretched sea; the Daigus Sea. I don’t think I even have the right to blame anyone but ourselves. It’s our fault for volunteering in the first place. That’s a mistake that took a toll in everyone one way or another. I’m the only one left; after all I’ve survived more than three runs. And I’m sure they’re going to send newcomers yet again. Only this time, I’ll be dead, I’m sure of it. There’s no escape. So I’m going to write down my story in this journal that was provided in one of the cabins.

I arrived late October, 1983 with several other people; maybe ten more. We were assigned cabins without even knowing it. I wondered how our bodies came onto these comforting yet unreal beds. And I can only come up with one conclusion, amnesia. No one remembered anything, in fact, some people acted like they’ve lived here their whole life. I didn’t remember much either, all I knew was that this place wasn’t… home.

We were to fend off on our own, to decide our path. We could either come together as one, or face our deaths as individuals. There were no clues saying why we were here and why, only the remnants of past people. You could easily tell that this “place” had been used countless times before, no matter how much they try to conceal the bloodstained tracks. And all of us new, that one day, our blood would join the past people. If only we had a guide, a leader even, we may have survived longer.

There are five islands, each surrounding the main island (the island I am standing on right now) at different angles. As far as I can tell, those islands represent trials. Once you complete all the trials, your home free right? That’s not the case; they’ve made it impossible to reach the fifth island. The farthest my group went was to the second island. We were incapable of going on further, and I ended up being the last to salvage onto the boat and return to the safety of these cabins. I’m ashamed though… I had to kill my friend for the ownership of this boat. I had no choice though; it was either me or him. He also knew that fact, and yet he tried to rid of me; as I did to him.

But before that, when everyone first woke up from their beds, and mingled with each other like normal. We were like one, big family, inhabiting this insane island; or at least I thought so. This island can change people; it just depends on how much willpower they have. Unfortunately, the people I befriended didn’t have adequate willpower.

(Part two will be added at a later time)

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The ministry of Science file: The Daigus sea project

The island's slowly change your personality , they feed you thoughts and ideas that are two dark to mention, they go for the week minded first slowly picking away at their sanity driving them insane.

Friends kill friends and Brother will kill Sister all for some unknown end, for some notion of freedom that will probably never come.

The test subjects are here for one reason only, to see how long it takes to break a human mind and drive them into insanity, the trials serve as triggers for these killings. And if that doesn't work we send the brawler drop offs to hopefully do the job.
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