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Posted 1/6/13 , edited 1/7/13

" If I never believed in love at first site. I believe now. When our lips touched, I knew; I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my live with ... "

Heart...What is heart?' to some heart is the threshold, measuring a persons will/want to...Overcome; in other words conquer this imposing fear and hatred we all seem to find...And never completely rid ourselves of.

To a 10-year old liila boy named Lag Seeing, heart was something far more important then just power of muster'...Heart is the memories/love; the sher thoughts of a emotion stricken individual. Whether it be Love or Hatred...

" Lag Seeing, you are more then just a child...You are a messenger of shin, a walker of many; a being of importance...Without you many would perish and decay; many would live and let die "
Giver of Heart...Bringer of Hope, you don't walk alone' for thy help thee; thus a raven looms over you...But a swan is at your back' let me help thee; let there be one and not three...With Shidan in hand-with niche standing fast, and I at your back.

Carbine of might, carbine of smite. Death be my counter; counter of decide…Carbine see my life through Red-eye; red decider. This eye of mine can “ live or let die “; but only in the eyes of the beholder…Shameless effort must be present; demanding standard. Rageless heart is I…But mind knows “ live or let die “ choose every day I do; choose between me and you...My love coated Carbine thus decide.
-By me ( Jacob Adger Ramsey )


May we bring heart to all, bring peace to many and rest to some...For we walk this road together as one combined.

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