(For Guys) What type of Girls are you into?

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Posted 6/17/07 , edited 6/18/07
I know this'll probably cause some fights, but since we have one for the ladies, why not for the guys.

Gentlemen, relay the traits/type of woman you're interested in to the folks out in CR-land. I'm curious to see your statements myself.

I suppose I should start then, eh? Hmm....lezze...as for the general stuff I look for:

Nothing's quite as fun to me as verbal sparring with a significant other. This needn't be on something deep and profound, but some good old fashioned teasing is fun. And no, I don't mean out-and-out aggressive beatdowns, mainly just teasing, though I do like to debate with people that feel strongly on a topic. She wouldn't have to be as smart as me, or she could be far more intelligent, either way is fine, though I'd prefer someone who's deep enough to at least appreciate some of the stuff I do, if not enjoy it.

The hardest field with me to pin down. I'm a kind of guy that people either click with, or don't, there isn't too much of a grey area. People that click with me tend to think I'm funny, smart, and caring, people that don't click with me see me as spacey, wierd, and possibly apathetic. (Alot due to the time I spend working things out in my own head).

-Physicial Attraction
Of course, I'm still human, hard to love on personality alone.

I'm best defined as a guy who's in love with the idea of love. I'm a hopeless romantic to the core, I even write romance. I don't need someone of my level of hopelessness, but a girl that appreciates a bit of romance would be great.

-I like girls that are more cute than sexy.
-The longer a girl holds out before wanting to...bed down...the better I generally see her as. The harder the catch the more valuable, I suppose. But moreover, I just see that...situation...as a more serious thing than alot of people do. To me it is an expression of love at it's peak, not just something to do with someone just because they're there.
-If not enjoyment, tolerance of games, anime, and such.
-Balance between being clingy and distant, a middleground.
-Balance between being overly forward and shy. Put another way, forward in private, shy in public would be ideal, I suppose.

The best way for me to equate it for me...hmm. "Tomboys who dress femininely" is the best way for me to put it.

Now if you're stretching it 'ideals'....

Nothing's hotter than girls with long hair. The longer the better. Down to your feet and I fall on the ground before you. Waist-length and you're still on my A-list. What a girl does with it is up to her, I just love long-haired girls.

-The less experience in relationships, the better. The women I've known and dated with alot of guys under their belt tend to be more demanding of relationships, and the guys involved, sometimes to unrealistic proportions, along with the problems being raised by former significant others. On the other hand, a few of the women I know are more understanding because they've been through it several times beforehand. Personally, I prefer the less, the better. For an idea, I've had three serious relationships in my life.

If we're really stretching it....
-Blue-eyed redheads, though I've dated a few different types of women, from American country girls to urban asian ones.

If you have something to ask/add, feel free. Guys, fire away with your responses.

Not quite "Drops of Sanity" this time.
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Posted 6/17/07 , edited 6/18/07
easy enough said LOL
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Posted 6/17/07 , edited 6/18/07
I'm already dating my ideal and perfect woman. *nods*
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big bootay
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Posted 6/17/07 , edited 6/18/07
doo doo stains are a real turn on
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Posted 6/17/07 , edited 6/18/07
Yeah there's a thread for this already:

What kind of girls are people into?

I'll put a link into the original thread to your thread so your long (quite good post) isn't lost ^_^!
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