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Other Rules are posted on the Canon thread. Please read them.

To create a character, please include for your fellow RP'ers, (This is my OC as an example)

Name: Ash

Species/Race: Immortal/Human (The Grim Reaper)

Age: 517

Gender: Female

Bio: At 17, Ash was the captain of a Pirate crew. After becoming immortal through a curse, she remained 17 for another 500 years. Along the way, she was asked by a Celestial Council to become the next Grim Reaper. Her job is to slay the evil when their time is up in this world and send their souls to the council for judgement. She has never met a shinigami, and doesn't have a clue as to what a Hollow or anything else is.

Personality: Cold, tsundere, tomboy, dark, serious, caring, protective, violent, sarcastic, cynical.

Likes: Strawberry cake, fighting, books, training, noodles, working.

Dislikes: Cruelty, destruction, laziness, steamed broccoli, misunderstandings.

Powers: Ice synthesis and control, inhuman strength, lack of emotion, Soul Collection.

Weaknesses: Very slow healing, density when it comes to emotion, cynicism.

Appearance: 5 feet tall, thin and muscular. Very short, fluffy/curly dark brown hair. Light blue-green eyes (change color with emotion) She always wears her ghee and black belt, because that is her Grim Reaper uniform. (According to the Council, whatever you're wearing when the power is transferred to you becomes your uniform.)

Other: (weapons, relationships, etc.) She uses mostly her hands or a retractable staff to fight, but occasionally collects evil souls using the trademark scythe left behind by the previous Grim Reaper. She has told no one of her job or immortality, and has been 17 for 500 years.

For appearance you may post a pic or a description. DO NOT WAIT FOR APPROVAL! Unless your character is insanely OP or ridiculous, RP whenever you want! If you have a question, quote this post and I'll get to you asap~
YOU MAY: Hang in a chatroom as any character without having to fight or get into the plot.
YOU MAY: Be an Arrancar, Shinigami, Human, Quincy, Hollow, or anything else you'd like!
YOU MAY: Create any type of creature you like, within reason. (No unicorns or sparkly vamps please)
YOU MAY: Have two characters of separate genders, species origin, and storylines.
YOU MAY NOT: Insult another player's character, or use another person's character without permission.
YOU MAY NOT: Use a one hit KO in a fight without giving another a chance to avoid it.

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Name: James (doesn't tell anyone his last name)

Species/Race: Demonic Descendant

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Bio: Lived with his father, moving from country to country until he was 16 when he saw his father get murdered by a demon
. The demon's radiating power had awakened his own, which had been lying dormant in their bloodline for the past eight generations. He blacked out after that and woke up alone in a motel room somewhere in Nevada.

Personality: Paranoid and aggressive to people he doesn't know but highly protective to those close to him.

Likes: To keep moving, dogs, improving his power, ice cream

Dislikes: Almost everything else not mentioned above.

Powers: Fire and shadow manipulation
Inhuman Strength & Speed & Endurance
Demon Transformation for a short time that makes him stronger

Weaknesses: His strongest attacks heavily hurt him as well.

Human: 5 feet 10 inches, muscular, light tan, black hair/eyes. Doesn't really care what he wears.

Other: He uses a pair of bladed brass knuckles that he woke up with that transforms into the blades in the picture when he uses his demon form.
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