Best PS2 RPG's (Any Recommendations?)
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Posted 1/8/13 , edited 1/8/13
Hi there!

So I'm from the era where PS2 dominated the RPG genre, and I've recently started collecting/playing PS2 RPG's and I want to know which RPG's are even worth buying/playing anymore.

My collection so far (almost all are jrpgs):

Kingdom hearts 1 + 2
Radiata stories
Dark cloud 2
Shadow hearts 2 + 3
rogue galaxy
persona 3 fes
persona 4
final fantasy x
final fantasy x-2
final fantasy 12
Phantom brave
Xenosaga 1
tales of the abyss
tales of legendia
wild arms 4
magna carta: tears of blood
star ocean: till the end of time
dragon quest 8: journey of the cursed king
Ys: The Ark of Napishtim
disgaea 2

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Posted 1/8/13 , edited 1/9/13
Closed. Made the same exact thread in the Playstation section.
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