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Are certain people slaves to society?
Posted 5/7/13 , edited 5/8/13

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haikinka wrote:

We're all slaves to society. Well, unless you're homeless and unemployed.

And if you're a transcendentalist
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Deal with what?
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It's how people look at it I guess, people who conform to the idea of having a middle class family and has a daily job in the office may seem like a slave to people who wish to chase more then that, however can that person consider himself a slave if he loves the way he lives, especially living nicely with friends and family... I wouldn't say he is, however people who want to chase more then just a daily life at the office would see them as slaves because they basically repeat themselves but what they fail to see is that they're happy with they way they live. Slaves of society I think are people who fail to find what they want and are stuck in a hole which they won't climb out of
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Again I went out and saw wut the world is showing me...

Again my legit answer is ... Mexicans.
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Slaves is a term too broad for this topic.
We're more like pawns for the soceity and workforce...

We choose to be these pawns if we wanna work.
If not your unemployed...

My father always says "You pay for your desires"
To get desires you must pay..
To get pays you must work..
To get work you must effort yourself..

We're pawns if we want stuff..
Big Busniessmen are like the kings in the game
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Posted 5/17/13 , edited 5/17/13
Slave would not be the proper term; individuals are not bound in subservience or bondage to "society."

Sociologists, however, would argue that we are, indeed, prisoners of of a general process called socialization.

What you think, how you act, even your morality is constructed almost entirely by socialization -- influenced by your immediate surroundings. For example, the taboo of incest and cannibalism is not universal and if you're disgusted by either it is likely because, by the sheerest accident, you happen to be brought up in a society where this taboo is held.
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Posted 6/7/13 , edited 6/8/13
what the hell a slave is a person who has to do work that is strenious and unfair and not being paid anything...... they are sold to other people through the rest of their lives in a market and treated like animals no one is a slave nowadays unless you live in some third world country ...... and still it doesn't exist there anymore either
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lordseth23 wrote:

If a person does not receive an adequate amount of empathy from society, should they be considered a slave to it?

I don't believe so. Some people are quite accepting with their outcast status from society, making the word slave seem a tad bit inaccurate. Besides, a lack of empathy from society doesn't necessarily make you a slave to it. If you were bound to society and its empathy, allowing it to affect your life, then, I believe you would be a slave to it.

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Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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