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Narrator: Goku "The World's Strongest, Earth's Greatest Hero and an Eternal Ambassador of Good".Goku grew from boy to man and hero to guardian. He traversed land and sea, time and space, this world and the next, with one goal in mind, to protect the Earth and all good of the universe, from any evil that sought to harm them. But this is not his story. Well not entirely, but rather the story of one old man and the kindness that he bestowed upon an orphan. An act that triggered events, that would effect the entire universe and challenge fate itself.

A seemingly feeble old man walks down a winding path descending a large mountain. He carries a backpack and a wooden staff. It is still dark out, but the sun slowly begins to rise in the background. He passes by a wooden fence on the edge of the mountain, atop it sits a sleeping rooster. He stops for a second and smiles at it "A little late this mourning aren't you mister rooster". The startled rooster opens its eyes and as it begins to crow, a bright fiery flash engulfs the country side followed by a booming blast that sends a shockwave pulsing across the land. Trees bow, dirt and debris are sent flying through the air and the frightend rooster is sent flying from the fence. The old man reaches out with his free hand snatching the rooster and pulls it in close and uses his other hand to shield from the light. As the light dims and the wind dies. The old man places the rooster (who is frozen with fear) back on the fence, pats it on the head and with a smile continues his walk.

Now with the sun shining brightly in the sky, the old man has arrived in a busy town. He heads into a small grocery store.

Clerk: Hi Gohan
Gohan: Oh hello Mrs. Jude
Clerk: Picking up your quarterly provisions are we?
Gohan: Oh yes just the essentials.

As Gohan lays down his merchandise on the sells counter, a dirty magazine slips out from under a bag of rice.

Clerk: Just the "essentials" huh
Gohan: (embarassed) well yes, uh, well i....hehehehe

Gohan pays for the merchandise thanks her and heads out.

Gohan: well guess i'll be heading out now
Clerk: back to the mountain or will you be staying in town for a while
Gohan: well their was a large blast i was wanting to investigate before heading home.
Clerk: Oh yes we heard that too. Thought the roof was falling in on us we did.
Gohan: Ah yes, came from the east
Clerk: What?! You don't plan on traveling through "The Devil's Armpit" do you?
Gohan: Well yea, i thought i might give it a look
Clerk: Well thats quite a rough forest their. An old tymer like you might do well to steer clear of that place.
Gohan: hehe i think this old man can handle his own. I did name the place after all.

Gohan exits the store leaving the bewildered clerk standing at the counter. As he heads away from the store, he hears a police whistle.

Officer: Stop Stop
Theif: ahh take this

The theif fires a pistol at the police officer. The officer ducks behind a car. The thief turns back around and has Gohan in his sights. Gohan seemingly unaware of the events still has his back to the thief.

Theif: Out of my way old man
Officer: NOOOO!! Look out

The thief runs full charge at Gohan, slamming in to his back and falling back against the wall, dropping the stolen money and his gun. Gohan unfazed turns around with a smile.

Gohan: Oh excuse me, i really must watch where im going.
Officer: Alright your under arrest. Are you hurt mister?
Gohan: oh no im quite alright. Thank you.
Thief: ohhhhh, did i get hit by a bus?

Gohan then turns around and with a big smile continues his journey out of town. Two officers in the background struggle to lift the large theif, who is all but unconcience.

Officer 1: This guy weighs a ton. Are you sure that old man stopped him?
Officer 2: well i think he did. Who was that guy?

A smiling humming Gohan has now arrived at the dark forest, clouds loom over head. A sign in front of it reads "Devil's Armpit", "Caution Do Not Enter", "Don't even look at it". In the distance smoke bellows out from the tree tops

Gohan: This is definetly the place.
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