Kintoki-Con 2013 - Newest Guest: Koge Donbo*
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Posted 1/10/13 , edited 6/15/13
Kintoki-Con is returning after a year long hiatus. We look forward to having everyone return for new events and fun for the whole family!!
We have moved to a new (somewhat smaller) hotel, The Holiday Inn, Capitol Plaza, located in downtown Sacramento.
Event Dates: July 27-28, 2013

Returning Guests from our 2011 show:
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Voice of Major Makoto Kusinagi in Ghost in the Shell, Cornelia in Code Geass, Julia in Cowboy Bebop and more
Richard Epcar - Voice of Batou in Ghost in the Shell, Myotismon and Etamon in Digimon 01, Daisuke Jigen in Lupin III and many more
Yuumei/Wenqing Yang - Artist - Knite, Fisheye Placebo, 1000 Words

New Guests for 2013:
Gene Luen Yang - Artist/Scriptwriter - American Born Chinese, Scripts for both Avatar: The Last Airbender Trilogies.
Zeiva Inc. + Kaze-Hime - Game Developers and Artists
Long Vo - Udon Entertainment Artist
Aimee Lee Lucas - K-Pop Choreographer (added 11/16/12)
Koge Donbo* (added 01/04/13)
Jennie Kwan [alias Minx Lee] (added 04/16/13) - Voice of Suki in Avatar the Last Airbender, Nori Sakurada in Rozen Maiden and Satoko Hojo in Higurashi Registration is currently online!

Artist Alley
Artist Alley signups will go online January 25th at 8pm.
Tables are 8ft
Spaces are $60 and come with one free badge. You may purchase an additional badge for one partner at a discounted rate.

Imari Yumiki will be running Masquerade this year!

Convention Maids
In lieu of a maid cafe this year, we will be doing something a little bit different.
Our maids will be wandering the convention with program books and other information guides as well as assisting with water service and doing onstage performances.

We will once again be offering special discounted badges to approved photographers. This is fir not only their benefit but also for the safety of cosplayers in general. We ask that anyone claiming to be a photographer but not wearing this badge be reported to staff immediately so that we can either approve them or remove them from the event.

We are promoting the education if parents as well as passing on our knowledge and hobbies to the younger generation, as such we would like to make a simple request from you. Please keep all displays PG and keep to shows that are PG13 or lower. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Panels and workshops
Panels and workshops will again be divided into two tracks: professional and fan.
There will also be an additional parent track for informing and educating parents on your hobbies. Cosplayers Maridah and Pikminlink will be doing a special panel specifically on Cosplay and the GoGo Hikaru twins will be doing panels on eco-friendly cosplay as well as fitness and health. The twins will also be hosting a morning run (dubbed Runnaloids) for cosplayers. Gene Luen Yang will be hosting a panel on comics and two workshops.

Video Room
Our video room is sponsored by NIS America, so most of what we show will be via their courtesy. We will also be showing some Korean Animated Movies not available in the US.

Main Events
Some of our main event entertainment will include cultural dances performed by local group Animotion and some local high schools. We will also have performances by Yukie Dong, Mari Watanabe, Angel Hearts, Akai SKY, and Kurenai. Autograph sessions will also be located in main events. Some Panels or workshops may be hosted in the Main events, depending on the panel itself.

Game Room
Our Game Room will once again be run by the T.B.A.G.R. group who has long run SacAnime, Fanime, and many other convention game rooms. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for us!

Shawnanigan's Arcade
This year we will have one small room dedicated to arcade games thanks to Shawnanigan's Garage. These games will have their tokens active, this is due to the group's request as a tradeoff for them bringing in the arcade systems for us.

Lounge &Children's Area
We are bringing back our lounge, an area for people to chill out and relax amidst the rush. Perfect for weary parents or groups who need a place to sit and talk.
This area will currently be shared with a small Children's Area, an activity area for parents to interact with their younger children. We have fun and educational events planned and the area is under the charge of cosplayer CarlaDawn and her friends.

K-Pop Choreography Sessions
In addition to Aimee Lee Lucas being added to the guest list, she and her company, Music Video Party (MVP), will be hosting workshop sessions to teach attendees how to dance to some of K-Pop's most popular music videos.
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Posted 6/5/13 , edited 6/5/13
Due to us getting programming up only a few days ago, we will be extending our $35 pre-registration deal until June 20th!

Originally the deal would have ended yesterday on the 1st.
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Posted 7/7/13 , edited 7/8/13
New events added:

Kendama Tournament
Free- Range Art Jam Contest! (Sponsored by Copic)

New Panels added

Schedule of Events is now online for viewing!

Pre-Registration extended until July 10th!

Hotel Rooms are still available! Person who books the room get's a weekend pass for free!
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Posted 4/2/14 , edited 4/3/14
This event is over. The new one is coming up in a few months! Locked.
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