Post Reply Incoming ForEver Precious BETA Practice.
Posted 1/11/13 , edited 1/12/13
ForEver PRecious will be released on a Practice BETA Version 2.05 for members.

The game will have slightly reduced graphics in order to asure friendly gaming cooperation with your machines.

Graphics Statistics:

16% "Result to 18% with Enhancements"
Resolution of 1280 x 720 "Enhanced from 600"
The game will NOT run in full quality this is only to asure that the game works and runs fine under several computers the game is a non optimied version of the current game but will not be optimied from its original game due to restrictions providing a heavy game to a low profile computer.

Controls: Keyboard and Joystick "Xbox 360 Controller Certified Game"

# of Levels: 3

Audio Codes will be removed

The BETA is on its way so hope these specs help out those confused.
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