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PS4 to be all digital. your opinion of this.
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Posted 1/31/13 , edited 1/31/13
I can't really see the PS4 being entirely digital unless the system came with a 3+ terabyte hard drive since all those games will take up enormous amounts of space. Download times will be ridiculous as well. Knowing the size of games now for the ps3, some are approaching 50GB, I can imagine the games on the PS4 being even larger. With file sizes that large and not everyone having super fast internet, all digital seems impractical. If your PS4 decides to have hardware failure and the hard drive needs to be wiped, there goes all your games. Now you have to re-download them again.

The 'sources' you speak of are not trust worthy. The only source of info on the PS4 that I trust is from Sony's mouth. I highly doubt they'll even announce anything about it at this years E3.

There is an all digital system coming out though. It's Valve's Steam Box. That is fine being all digital since it's just a computer with steam installed on it . The games from steam are generally not that big in file size and download fairly quickly. But then again, I have no reason to get a Steam Box since I have a computer that can run steam and play all its games.
Posted 2/1/13 , edited 2/1/13
Some games will be digital just like on PS3, games like "Journey" and "rainbow moon" are only available to purchase online.

But the good end graphic games will definitely be physical discs.

In the off chance that they make everything digital... it would be good for me, because frankly, I hate storing things. And everyone should buy a copy of the game to support the creators of the game which include the directors/development teams.

It would suck for Australian people though, our internet SUCKS. It would take like a whole day to download 1 game.
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Posted 9/28/13 , edited 9/29/13
i never buy games on digital. Only the $3-$5 ones on my 3DS. I love looking at my shelf and seeing my collection of games
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