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20 / M / The Southfarthing...
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20 / M / The Southfarthing...
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Drinks ~
Nikki's fave frozen drink: Frozen Banana Daiquiri
requires blender
Liquor of choice: dark rum for me
add rum, banana, chocolate syrup, ice, blend -optional: ice cream,vanilla or chocolate
this is easily modified to other flavors, think milkshake or smoothy with a kick

Cheep daiquiri, margarita
Generic kool-aid and liquor, ice and blender optional
Daiquiri means rum, Margarita equals tequila...other liquors apply

Sun tea~ 1 bag for each cup of water, put it in a glass jar, cap it tags out, set in sun 4 or more hours, smmmooooth.
Try Camomile, a flower, it's said to calm you and help you sleep, it's tasty and requires no sugar or cream, I just like it. Green tea too.

Water ~ add a pinch of sugar or any citrus slice to mask the additives in tap water, paying for bottled water seems silly to me.

Snaxx ~
I love pickles, extra dill ones. Came up with this one the day before yesterday: Cucumber slices, a touch of dressing [I love ranch, thanx Starr] and topped with a pickle slice...yummy.

ROKU ~ internet video box, runs my CR viewing, I have no cable or satellite hookup. A one time purchase [check out their website for details, took less than a week to deliver- , no shipping charge ] , all I pay for is Netflix and CR [ CR acct will probably revert to Basic membership tho] Still my 'TV' bill is less than $15 a month. There are many channels, no fee required and others that are 'Premium' [like Hula Plus]. Pandora is one of the channels on Roku. At my house if I'm not jammin a video, I'm jammin on Pandora.

Pandora Radio ~ FREE internet radio[], many music genres, semi-programmable and few commercials. Check it out.

Baka-Tsuki ~ [] FREE online manga and light novels. Some are incompletely translated, tho. Click on the left hand side of the main page to expand the selections.

Manga Fox ~ this one was suggested to me, but I spend too much time at CR and haven't checked it out yet...and don't read alot anyway

The internet is like a dumb smart friend. The world is out there. Use your search engine as your first source of info. Do-it-yourself info & video abounds. Sometimes you have to dig it out. These topics were included since I rarely let anybody else touch my stuff.

Electrical ~
Only 2 of 3 wires make the circuit work, I never use an electrician. ~knock on wood and my thick head~

Plumbing ~
As long as it's not in the floor or wall, plumbing isn't isn't technically difficult, just a pain in the butt. Youtube a video for directions. The flapper is an easy fix, it's rubber and rots. And cheap.

Automotive ~
Do all the maintenance you can afford, it usually pays for itself in the long run. I believe machines have an aura too, maybe it's just my own rubbing off. Watch tire pressure, it does save MPGs and keeps you safer. Most of us can change an air filter [or can get someone they know to do it]. Think of it as the mouth of your vehicle, how are you breathing today? Windshield Wiper blades: you never think about them till it's raining, change them every year , they're rubber and rot. Windshields are expensive, scratches suck.

First Aid ~
Iodine, superglue, duct tape and baking soda ~ good in the home or car, all can be used for a multitude of fixes.
Note: I ran this list past a medical Dr. awhile back and received his approval.
Iodine ~ self explanatory
Superglue ~ glues just about anything, including skin. have you heard of "instant stitch"? Don't waste your $$$, just buy cheap superglue unless you are allergic.[this is true of most things in life "there are no absolutes" / an absolute statement, eh?]

Duct tape ~ a bandage for anything, don't put it directly on a wound, you'll regret it later. A couple of sticks and duct tape and you can splint a leg.
Baking soda ~ brush your teeth, calm an upset stomach, soothe a sting, clean a battery post...acid neutralizer. Carry it everywhere.
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20 / M / The Southfarthing...
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Game Mat ~
I was looking for a game mat online to use as a large mouse pad recently. They start around $25 and go up in price. Yesterday, I was in one of those dollar type stores looking at bathroom rugs for the cold tile floor when I came upon a rubbery welcome mat. 23 x 35" for $6 !!! Now admittedly it's not the same as a game mat or mouse pad and doesn't have any cool anime graphics, bit it's functional, comfortable and won't freak my mom out when she visits. Imagine that, she doesn't appreciate my fascination with anime!
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That's a great idea
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