Posted 1/14/13 , edited 1/16/13

1. First, wait till your character to be approved

2. Anything worse than PG-13 put into spoilers

3. You can't kill someone's character


5. Try to be frequently on, I know that's hard for some people, so if you know you won't be on for a few day, or longer tell me and the
person you are RPing with

6. You can make your own group, with my or a mods. permission but you will need to have at least two other people that will join(tell me or a mods. and we will put it in the poll if three people likes it, it will be a new group

7. You can make a group if you haven't made a character

8. Can only have 5 characters at most

9. Put "Family" at the bottom of your charter's profile if you read both the rules and character rules

10.Can Not go into a groups base unless you are allies or if you are taken there by a member of that group

Character Rules

1. Give a good detailed description of your character, or put a pic. for your character's looks

2. You can join more than one group if they are allies, (and if they go against each other, well you are in trouble, jk)

3. Put pic. of character, or the description of look in a spoiler

4. You can have powers, but nothing impossible to defeat

If I can think of anything else, I will put it o the headline, so check it
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