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Posted 1/14/13 , edited 1/15/13
This isn't a very special thread.
It's also not lame.
But it's an
Yes the dream is alive!
*Though no one really cares* Who said that?!
There are no rules, it's just like a regular forum and stuff.
The only thing that you can't do is gossip, or talk about anything outside the game.
Unless it's pictures.
We love pictures.
Post some.
Now with hesitation,
Sweaty palms,
Butterflies properly placed in the stomach,
And the seeing of the stars,
The Masters of Madness present...
And also the area where people chill and hang out like a park or something.
You may RP, there's anything and everything to RP with.
You may also spam and be a fucking troll, but you will be trolled back,
Or get several creepy PMs for the rest of your time here,
Or several annoying friend request just because
You Suck.

take it personally. It's your own fault. We love you and all, but this is for peace and love and all that stuff. It's for FAQs to be asked and little events that people can make for everyone. It's a whole party, in a nutshell. Don't be a party pooper...we ran out of Toilet Papah.

with us, we miss you. If you are joining this group out of pity, or because you want to be nice and your best friend in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD asked you to, leave. We would rather have 3 members who play than to have 100,000,000 that don't. But, if you are joining because you saw us around or your best friend in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD asked you to and you are starting to like it, good. You are welcome to stay as long as you like.

is not to spook you, it's to peak your interest with bad speling and many othor things, yoi dig? Haha, but it's always, always up to you. Then again, we can make you die in a mere amount of seconds. Keep that in mind.

with us, you're so fun. But then you're so cocky, we almost want to kill you. Also keep that in mind. Being a headstrong mother ducker, WILL get you nothing but pain. And blood. And death. And tears. And suffering. No "I found this in the hallway, maybe I can use it to kill the monster." Durrrrr, not legit, bitch. WE say what you find and don't find. WE say what you do and don't do. Unless we ask you if you find a sword on the ground, or a gun taped to the side of the wall, YOU DON'T SEE IT.

Now, without further wait, go ahead and discuss like the cute humans you only are, okay? If you have questions related to how you died...

That's all?
One more thing:
This is also where all the updates of the Doors, or what the Masters of Madness are doing are found. (So you know when is a good time to play with no 17 hour long waits)
Hah hah. We're just kidding...
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