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25 / F / in my garden
Posted 1/16/13 , edited 1/19/13
User name: Kaori_Hime
Name: Jamie
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
What are you( Ex Vampire... etc): Wolf
Bio ( doesn't Have to be long ): Jamie is an outcast compared to the rest of her clan. Her blood father dies and her mother remarries giving birth to a son, who is not an outcast like her. Jamie can read peoples thoughts and body language, she is also good at weaponry, hand to hand combat and designing weapons.

Human Form

Wolf Form
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Posted 1/17/13 , edited 1/19/13
Username: BloodyDemon04
Name: Blood Wolfflower
Age: 19
Gender: Male
What are you: Hybrid Wolf,mixed wolf and angel
Powers: Mimic & Lightning

Blood was born of the clan called Koga he loved his friends and family very much.Blood has slick spiked silver hear his eyes are ocean blue. He wears black boots with black chained pants he also wears a white t-shirt with a black jacket .He has a scar of a lighting bolt under is left eye.He has a tattoo of the tattoos are of his mom and dads name on both wrist.
Blood has a sister she is older them him her name is Jamie she is the only person in the Koga clan tht still believes that he is not traitor. Blood fell in love with a girl of the same clan named Shiva but someone of a rival clan kid napped her her and brained washed her into thinking that she is one of them. Now every night Blood runs the villiages looking for her. Blood is a black opps clan fighter he specializes in knives and pistols and hand to hand combat like his sister Jamine.

Powers: Mimic & Lightning
Mimic : Mimic can be deadly but then it comes in handy to recover others or Blood. Blood only uses his enemys powers against him when he is serant he can't beat his opponent which is very rare.
Lightning: Blood is able to manpulate lightning and use it at will he mostly use it to out speed his enemy in any of his fights thats why the only person in the world that could keep up with him was Jasmine his older sister they spar alot of the time they can get

Pic of me ninja and wolf form

Your Pets Name: Rue
How old is your Pet: 3yrs
What is your Pet: Demon Fox Wolf
Gender of your Pet: Female
Pet Boi:
Rue was found on the side of the road by Blood some throw her out is what he said but he took her in and patched her wounds and sent her back into the wild but everynight she came back sratching at the door so Blood kept her and rasied her to be a ninj dog but she's not at all she's a Demon Fox-Wolf with fire on the tip of her claws and is ready to kill when ever Blood gives the command....Rue also has a human form which keeps her close to Blood at all time she is as good as him n hand to hand combat

Picture of my Pet human and wolf form
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22 / F / In The Stars
Posted 1/17/13 , edited 1/17/13
User Name: -Precious09-
: Female
What are you
: Wolf
: Mystic Eyes
: Shiva is selected as one of the ten Iga clan memberes that will oppose and fight the Kouga. She gains leadership of the clan after her Grandmother Ogen, dies. The adopted princess of the Iga Clan, Shiva Ascends to leadership following the death of Ogen only to have her authority usurped by Tenzen. Born with "Mystic Eyes", Shiva has the power to neutralize the techniques and special abilities of any ninja who meets her stare directly. This power is constantly in effect both enemies as well as allies.
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102 / M / In my "Secret Lai...
Posted 1/17/13 , edited 1/17/13
User name: AG3333
Name: Alphonse (modern name to humans who don't know my true identity: Andy lol )
Age: unknown, appearance, 20's.
Gender: Male
What are you: Vampire-wolf hybrid
Bios: ~Under construction~

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